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You can look at some of our records on the internet thanks to our online exhibitions. The displays cover various periods using photographs, documents and film. Find out how a violent crime was investigated in medieval England; take a stroll round Tudor Hackney, or read accounts of the Dambusters raid written by the airmen who returned.

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Featured exhibitions


Enjoy some of the classic treasures of The National Archives, collected over 1000 years of British history.
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Cabinet papersCabinet papers

Search or browse more than 60 years' worth of cabinet papers from 1915-1978.

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Public Information FilmsPublic Information Films

The selection of films from 1945 -2006 features some fascinating events from Britain's post-war history
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The Art of WarThe Art of War

'Dig for victory', 'Keep mum', 'Careless talk' and 'Back them up'! A unique gallery of cartoons, sketches, paintings and concept art that mobilised these slogans for Britain's war effort.
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First World WarFirst World War

A valuable research tool to trace ancestors who served in the First World War and create a wider understanding of the global nature of war and its consequences.
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British BattlesBritish Battles

From Crimea (1854) to Korea (1951) - a selection of four British battles. This exhibition uses documents, images and text to describe how and why Britain was at war.
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