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Ministerial Speeches from former BERR and DTI

BIS was created on 5 June 2009.  All speeches made since that date may be found on the new BIS website.

Speeches on Innovation, Universities and Skills related topics, made prior to 5 June 2009 by ex-DIUS ministers, can be accessed from the former DIUS speeches page.  

This page now holds only speeches from the former BERR and DTI departments.

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2009 speeches

Gareth Thomas - Raising confidence in the home improvement sector
8 June 2009

In his last speech as Consumer Minister, Gareth Thomas addresses enforcement bodies, consumer groups and other government departments to announce intentions to tackle rogue traders and to raise consumer awareness of their rights at the Home Improvement Summit.

Lord Mandelson - Politics of Climate Change
5 June 2009

In this speech, Peter Mandelson stresses that huge decisions need to be made now to face up to challenges like climate change and sets out how industrial policy would help meet that challenge.

Lord Mandelson - Building UK business with Asia
3 June 2009

Peter Mandelson argues that Asian markets offer UK businesses - battling some of the toughest economic conditions in living memory - an unrivalled chance to kick start growth and speed towards recovery.

Pat McFadden - House of Commons (Illegal Radio Broadcasts)
1 June 2009

In this adjournment debate Pat McFadden discusses the dangers of illegal radio broadcasts and the effect of such broadcasts on commercial radio stations, the local environment and the emergency services.

Lord Davies - The Future of Financial Services
28 May 2009

Lord Davies argues that the UK should celebrate the achievements of the financial services industry over the past 20 years, while recognising that the sector will have to make fundamental changes to the way it operates in future.

Lord Mandelson - Drawing on all our talent to succeed
20 May 2009

Peter Mandelson argues that the key to economic recovery and future prosperity is every country's ability to empower and equip all its people to compete in global markets. And that in the years ahead, we will only succeed if together we continue to ensure that no talent is overlooked, or potential left unfulfilled.

Lord Mandelson - After the storm: what kind of new era?
18 May 2009

In this speech Peter Mandelson asks: if the credit crunch marks the end of an economic era, what will the new era look like? Mandelson argues that the credit crunch is an opportunity to set out a model of progressive capitalism which is built on private enterprise, an open global economy and an enabling welfare state.

Gareth Thomas - The future challenge for consumer lending
14 May 2009

In a speech given to the Credit Today Credit Summit, Gareth Thomas outlines how the Government is assisting borrowers; calls for further action from the credit industry; and considers future developments in regulation and legislation.

Gareth Thomas - Building Consumer Confidence
13 May 2009

Gareth Thomas addresses British Retail Consortium (BRC) and other stakeholders on key issues relating to the forthcoming Consumer White Paper 2009.

Gareth Thomas - National Federation of Sub-Postmasters Annual Conference
11 May 2009

Gareth Thomas responds to the National Federation of Sub Postmasters' report on the future of the Post Office, and sets out the Government’s vision for achieving a secure and sustainable network.

Lord Mandelson - Restoring Confidence in the Markets
06 May 2009

Peter Mandelson speaks at the Association of British Insurers / CBI Conference about financial markets regulation, restoring stability and confidence in markets generally, and restoring greater confidence in the economy as a whole.

Lord Mandelson - Invest in Iraq Conference
30 April 2009

Gareth Thomas - Office of Fair Trading Annual Staff Event
28 April 2009

Shriti Vadera - British Chambers of Commerce Annual Convention
27 April 2009

Gareth Thomas - SEEDA Regional Lending Roadshow
22 April 2009

Pat McFadden - Unions21 Conference
21 April 2009

Lord Mandelson - Building a Digital Britain
17 April 2009

Lord Mandelson - Britain, Brazil and the global downturn
26 March 2009

Pat McFadden - Unions21 Conference
25 March 2009

Lord Mandelson - Britain and Brazil
25 March 2009

Gareth Thomas - London Chamber of Commerce and Industry
24 March 2009

Pat McFadden - East of England Development Agency event
24 March 2009

Pat McFadden - House of Commons Blacklisting (Construction Industry)
23 March 2009

Pat McFadden - Joint CIPD / LSE ninth annual Voice and Value series: Beyond Partnership
20 March 2009

Pat McFadden - House of Commons Legislative Reform
19 March 2009

Pat McFadden - Post Bank Coalition event
17 March 2009

Pat McFadden - House of Commons – Statutory Redundancy pay amendment Bill
13 March 2009

Lord Mandelson - Financing Britain's Industrial Future
11 March 2009

Lord Mandelson - Postal Services Bill, Second Reading Debate
10 March 2009

Pat McFadden - House of Commons – European Working Time Directive
10 March 2009

Lord Mandelson - Low Carbon Summit
06 March 2009

Pat McFadden - House of Commons – Financial Assistance to Industry
05 March 2009

Lord Mandelson - How does Britain fight its way back?
04 March 2009

Lord Mandelson - UK & China: Partners in Business - New Challenges and Opportunities
27 February 2009

Pat McFadden - Local Government Chronicle Conference
26 February 2009

Lord Mandelson - How Britain fights back
20 February 2009

Lord Mandelson - The G20 and the London Summit: a global turning point
17 February 2009

Gareth Thomas - Trade and Investment Relations with India
11 February 2009

Lord Mandelson - Northern Ireland Assembly Business Trust
06 February 2009

Lord Mandelson - CBI Manufacturing dinner
05 February 2009

Shriti Vadera - Chairman's Annual Dinner, Federation of Small Businesses
03 February 2009

Lord Mandelson - The UK, India and the global politics of the downturn
19 January 2009

Gareth Thomas - Speech to British business community in Vietnam
16 January 2009

Gareth Thomas - Institute of Civil Engineers Reception
16 January 2009

Gareth Thomas - Taiwan/British Chamber of Commerce lunch
15 January 2009

Gareth Thomas - UK Taiwan Trade Talks
15 January 2009

Stephen Carter - Digital Britain - Westminster Media Forum
14 January 2009

Lord Mandelson - Where are the jobs going to come from?
12 January 2009

Lord Mandelson - Putting regions at the heart of industrial activism
08 January 2009