Forthcoming Events

21 September 2009
OECD-NEA Workshop - 21 September 2009
Peter Wood will be presenting at the OECD-NEA Workshop on future Criticality Safety Research Needs on 21 September 2009.

08 October 2009
Socio Economic Panel
Panel to consider funding requests under £100,000.

20 October 2009
International Perspectives on Waste Management
Workshop to enable stakeholders (especially local communities) involved in radioactive waste management in the UK to meet with their counterparts in other countries.

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02 September 2009
Cash boost for North Highlands tourism 
Caithness and North Sutherland receive £275k funding boost from the NDA, HIE, Visit Scotland and Highland Council.

25 August 2009
Cillit Bang used in clean-up at Dounreay 
The house hold cleaning product, Cillit Bang is being used in the clean up Dounreay.

25 August 2009
NSG8 Meeting Reports Published 
The meeting report and evaluation report from the eighth National Stakeholder Group meeting have now been published

14 August 2009
Sizewell A begins defuelling 
Sizewell A began defuelling today. Its first spent fuel flask since 2006 was dispatched to Sellafield.

04 August 2009
Sellafield land disposal moves to next phase 
The NDA’s asset disposal programme involving land adjacent to Sellafield, Cumbria, has moved to the next phase with the closure of the period for companies to express an interest in taking part in the process.

20 July 2009
NDA delivers a successful year 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has signalled a successful year in its 2008/09 Annual Report & Accounts laid before Parliament today, delivering its programme within its £2.7 Bn budget and with £183 M of efficiency savings ploughed back into the clean-up mission.

17 July 2009
Response to The Times article of 17th July 
Whilst it is correct that the NDA is conducting a review of its reward and remuneration arrangements for staff, as many responsible organisations periodically do, today’s article in The Times has a number of inaccuracies which require correction.

15 July 2009
Dounreay competition industry event to be held in Caithness 
The first part of the Dounreay competition industry event will be hosted in Caithness early in 2010.

06 July 2009
Study into Solway Energy Gateway given the green light 
We, along with the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA) and Scottish Enterprise, have agreed to commission a £100,000 feasibility study to evaluate options for harnessing Tidal Energy on the Solway Firth.

29 June 2009
NDA extend Thurso based Pensions Administration Office Contract 
The NDA has awarded the UKAEA Pensions Administration Office (PAO) an extension on its contract to manage the Combined Nuclear Pension Plan (CNPP).

22 June 2009
Lasers prepare for cut and thrust of nuclear decommissioning 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has awarded TWI Ltd a contract to demonstrate the capability of lasers in decommissioning nuclear facilities. The contract, worth almost £1m, will see the Cambridge-based materials engineering specialist set up technology demonstrations to show how modern high power lasers can be used to remove contaminated surfaces of concrete and cut up metal pipework and process vessels.

19 June 2009
Secretary of State opens ENERGUS 
Ed Miliband, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, along with students from two West Cumbrian secondary schools, opened ENERGUS, a state of the art £20m skills, training and education facility at Lillyhall Business Park, Workington.

17 June 2009
NDA Announces New CEO 
We announced the appointment of Tony Fountain as our new Chief Executive Officer.

09 June 2009
Wylfa meets its first goal in achieving continued generation 
Wylfa Power Station, on Anglesey, North Wales, has been granted approval to continue generating electricity for at least another nine months past its planned closure date of March 2010.

08 June 2009
NDA launches land disposal process at Sellafield 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) announces the start of the disposal process for land adjacent to the nuclear site at Sellafield in Cumbria.

05 June 2009
UK Low Level Waste Strategy consultation launched 
We are consulting on our draft strategy for the Management of Solid Low Level Radioactive Waste from the UK Nuclear Industry until 11 September.

01 June 2009
8th national meeting of stakeholders 
We are due to host our 8th national meeting of stakeholders

01 June 2009
Oldbury returns to full power 
NDA's Oldbury Power Station is celebrating its return to generating electricity at ‘full-power’ after five years of reduced output.

15 May 2009
NDA’s £120,000 boost for Caithness Businesses 
We have awarded the Caithness Chamber of Commerce £120,000 to boost business development in Caithness and North Sutherland.

29 April 2009
Winning bidders in NDA land auction announced 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of its auction process for the disposal of land adjacent to three existing nuclear sites at Bradwell in Essex, Oldbury in South Gloucestershire and Wylfa in Anglesey.

09 April 2009
Bidding continues for land adjacent to nuclear sites 
Bidding for land at Nuclear Decommissioning Authority sites is set to continue after an Easter recess.

01 April 2009
NDA Business Plan to provide a sharper focus on delivery 
The NDA has today published its Business Plan for 2009 to 2012, following a public consultation and ministerial approval.

01 April 2009
UK Radioactive Higher Activity Waste Storage Review published 
NDA has published a review of interim storage for Higher Activity Waste (HAW) within the UK.

16 March 2009
Online bidding begins for land adjacent to nuclear plants 
Following an announcement in December by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and EDF concerning the disposal of land adjacent to three NDA sites at Wylfa, Oldbury and Bradwell; the process enters its final phase with the start of online bidding.

10 March 2009
Oldbury nuclear plant to restart electricity production 
The NDA is pleased to announce that Reactor 1 at Oldbury nuclear power station in Gloucestershire has been given permission to restart by the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate – the industry regulator, after being out of action for 30 months. 

06 March 2009
Appointment of Non-Executive Directors to the NDA Board 
Energy and Climate Change Minister Mike O’Brien has announced the appointment of four non-executive directors to the Board of the NDA.

20 February 2009
Nuclear restructuring marks key milestone for clean-up programme 
Regulatory approval was received this month for the formal establishment of two Site Licence Companies (SLCs), and this marks the completion of the restructuring of the nuclear estate taken over by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) in 2005.

06 February 2009
NDA gives £2.5 million business boost to Chapelcross area 
The NDA’s Socio-Economic Committee has agreed an investment totalling £2.5 million for two projects to develop an Industrial Park and Business Incubation Centre at Chapelcross.

06 February 2009
Magnox Operating Programme 8 (MOP8) Update 
Magnox has monitored progress against the Magnox Operating Programme (MOP) and based on its status at the end of August 2008 the forecast for completion of reprocessing has been adjusted by two months.

23 January 2009
NDA to nominate land for new nuclear 
The NDA has today announced that it expects to nominate land near Sellafield, Wylfa, Oldbury and Bradwell, for consideration under the Government’s Strategic Siting Assessment (SSA) process to identify sites suitable for nuclear new build.

19 January 2009
NDA Land Disposal Update 
The asset disposal programme involving land adjacent to three of our sites at Wylfa, Oldbury and Bradwell moves to the next phase.

15 January 2009
Sellafield Ltd Management Change 
NDA issues statement following announcement that Bill Poulson is to succeed Bob Pedde as Managing Director of Sellafield Ltd.

19 December 2008
NDA agrees timescales for consultation on Higher Activity Waste Storage Review 
Following the UK Radioactive Waste Storage Review Stakeholder Workshop held in October 2008, the NDA intends to publish an updated document by mid-January 2009.

18 December 2008
Oldbury powers on into 2009 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has today announced that Oldbury Power Station will continue to generate electricity into 2009 and beyond.

09 December 2008
7th National Stakeholder Group Meeting Reports and Video Published 
The NDA has today published the meeting report, independent evaluation report and video from the seventh National Stakeholder Group meeting held in November 2008.

08 December 2008
NDA Announces Competition Strategy for Remaining Sites 
Following the successful conclusion of the competitions to select and appoint new Parent Body Organisations (PBOs) for the Sellafield Site Licence Company and the Low Level Waste Repository (LLWR) near Drigg in Cumbria, the NDA is today announcing the PBO competition strategy for the remainder of the civil nuclear estate under its ownership.

26 November 2008
NDA and EDF launch Land Disposal Process 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and EDF today announce the start of the disposal process for land adjacent to nuclear sites at Wylfa in Anglesey, Bradwell in Essex and Oldbury in Gloucestershire.

25 November 2008
Geological Disposal Facility Project Supplier Brief 
The NDA’s Radioactive Waste Management Directorate (RWMD) is hosting a workshop aimed at suppliers who are interested in supporting the site investigation and construction phases of the Geological Disposal Facility project.

24 November 2008
NDA secures new delivery partner for £22 billion Sellafield Ltd contract 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) today completed one of the UK’s largest and most complex public procurement programmes when the shares in Sellafield Ltd transferred from British Nuclear group Ltd to a specially created private sector consortium – Nuclear Management Partners Ltd.

18 November 2008
Statement in response to Guardian Online Article 
Contrary to allegations made in the article that the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change is “to exempt from the Freedom of Information Act the new US-led private consortia taking over the running of Britain’s biggest nuclear facility”, no such exemption has been made.

06 November 2008
NDA launches National Skills and Capability Strategy 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has published its national strategy to develop a world class, sustainable workforce to support its mission for the clean up and decommissioning of the UK’s existing civil nuclear legacy.

03 November 2008
NDA publishes Draft Business Plan for Consultation 
The NDA has today launched its Draft Business Plan for 2009/2012. This year’s draft plan seeks to bring a sharper focus to the key deliverables that we will achieve during 2009/10. We present a two year forward look to give stakeholders early insight of future planned work. The plan also summarises key activities that will be carried out by our delivery partners on each of our sites.

06 October 2008
NDA Agreement with NMP Ltd signals Conclusion of the Sellafield Parent Body Competition 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has today entered into a Transition Agreement with Nuclear Management Partners Ltd (NMP). This concludes the formal competitive process to appoint a new Parent Body for the Sellafield site licence company – Sellafield Ltd.

01 October 2008
Sellafield Ltd Executive Team 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority have today received confirmation from Nuclear Management Partners (NMP) Ltd of the names of the proposed Executive Directors for Sellafield Ltd who will oversee the management and operation of the Sellafield SLC sites following the transfer of shares to the new Parent Body due on the 24 November.

01 October 2008
Magnox Electric Limited Split in Two 
Following an extensive programme of work between BERR, the Regulators, NDA and Magnox Electric Limited, Magnox was formally separated into two nuclear licensed companies on 1 October 2008.

24 September 2008
NDA Announces Marketing Agreement with EDF for Land Disposals 
On the 10 September, the NDA announced that it was preparing an initial tranche of land sales at its sites at Wylfa, Bradwell and Oldbury. In connection with these sales, the NDA today announced that it has reached an agreement with EDF for the joint marketing of land at these sites.

10 September 2008
NDA Announces Land Sale 
The NDA is today announcing an initial tranche of land sales, following meetings with all the organisations which expressed an interest in its assets.

03 September 2008
NDA Sellafield Programme Director Appointed 
The NDA has today announced the appointment of Dr Ian Hudson as NDA Sellafield Programme Director. Ian will take up his new role with immediate effect and will also continue to lead the NDA’s skills agenda which is closely linked to the future of the Sellafield sites and the local economy. Ian joined the NDA in 2005 and has successfully led the development of the NDA’s approach to developing a sustainable workforce for the industry through his current position as Director of Engineering & Technology.

29 August 2008
NDA Welcomes Environment Agency Report 
We welcome the Environment Agency’s report “The longevity of intermediate-level radioactive waste packages for geological disposal” and look forward to continuing to work closely with the regulators, Government and local communities to design and implement a geological disposal facility. This includes undertaking any necessary research and development work to ensure the packaging requirements are robust and appropriate. We will be publishing a detailed response to the Environment Agency’s report in due course when we have fully considered their recommendations. 

06 August 2008
Consultation Documents associated with Geological Disposal Launched 
The NDA has published consultation documents on its framework for public and stakeholder engagement and communication during development of the geological disposal facility; and proposals for sustainability appraisal and environmental assessment as part of implementing geological disposal.

28 July 2008
NDA publishes Annual Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Report 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has today, 28 July 2008, published its third Annual Health, Safety, Security and Environment Report.

25 July 2008
Response to Guardian Article of 24th July 
In response to an article in the Guardian newspaper of 24th July, the NDA submitted a response to the editor for publication.

23 July 2008
NDA welcomes Britain’s Energy Coast initiative and the National Nuclear Laboratory 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has today reiterated its support and continued commitment to Britain’s Energy Coast, which was launched this morning by Secretary of State for Business, John Hutton.

17 July 2008
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority - Annual Report 2007/08 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has today (Thursday 17 July) laid its 2007/08 Annual Report & Accounts before Parliament.

11 July 2008
NDA announces preferred bidder for the Sellafield competition 
Nuclear Management Partners Ltd, consisting of Washington International Holdings Ltd., AMEC and AREVA NC is the Preferred Bidder in the competition to secure a PBO for the Sellafield SLC.

10 July 2008
PAC Report Recommendations Welcomed 
The NDA welcomes the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report and its recommendations.

08 July 2008
Statement in Response to Times Article of 7 July 2008   
Contrary to inaccurate reports in the Times yesterday, ministers have not “whittled down the contenders” for the Sellafield competition.

12 June 2008
NDA welcomes publication of MRWS White Paper 
We welcome the publication of the Managing Radioactive Waste Safely (MRWS) White Paper and the NDA’s role in both planning for and delivering the geological disposal facility.

12 June 2008
2007 Radioactive Waste Inventory Published 
NDA publishes latest and most up-to-date record about the type, quantity and whereabouts of radioactive waste in the UK.

12 June 2008
Views sought on R&D for Radioactive Waste Management 
Comments are now being sought on how to take forward a research and development programme that will support the implementation of geological disposal. This programme is expected to spend at least £5 million per year and will increase substantially when site characterisation work starts.

11 June 2008
NDA Chief Executive to step down at end of July 
The NDA will today start its search for a successor to Dr Ian Roxburgh who will be stepping down as CEO at the end of July, following the announcement of the preferred bidder for the Sellafield PBO competition and the laying before Parliament of the NDA’s Annual Report and Accounts for 2007/8.

11 June 2008
Sellafield Ltd PBO Competition 
Final bids for the Sellafield PBO Competition were received from four bidders on the 7 April 2008 and these are currently being evaluated. The NDA expects to announce the preferred bidder in July 2008.

06 May 2008
Response to Observer Article of 4th May 
NDA statement in response to the article published in The Observer newspaper on 4th May 2008.

01 May 2008
New Commercial Director Appointed 
The NDA has today announced the appointment of John Clarke as its new Commercial Director.

01 April 2008
Plutonium Disposition Advice 
Expressions of interest are sought to build on NDA's current knowledge and previous macro-economic study and explore the high level options further.

01 April 2008
Approved Business Plan Published 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has today published an approved 3 year Business Plan which includes detailed funding levels for our 19 sites for the financial year 2008/2009.

31 March 2008
Contract Award is Historic Milestone for UK Nuclear Industry 
An historic milestone in the UK’s civil nuclear industry was achieved, today, when the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority awarded the contract for the management and operation of the Low Level Waste Repository, near Drigg in West Cumbria, to UK Nuclear Waste Management Ltd – the consortium led by URS - Washington Division and including Studsvik, Areva and Serco Assurance.

20 March 2008
Magnox Operating Programme (MOP8) Published 
In conjunction with Magnox South, Magnox North and Sellafield Ltd, the NDA has published the eighth update of The Magnox Operating Programme (MOP).

12 March 2008
NDA Response to Media Speculation concerning the Sellafield Competition 
NDA responds to recent speculation within the media.

06 March 2008
NDA Market Engagement Announcement 
In recognition of the current market interest from the new nuclear generation programme, the NDA is now starting a process to gauge the interest of parties wishing to use NDA assets.

04 March 2008
NDA statement on publication of Epidemiology study by Westlakes Research Institute 
The NDA welcomes the publication of this study as an important addition to our understanding of the working environment of those employed in the nuclear industry.

03 March 2008
NDA Statement on Support for Sellafield Ltd Management Team 
A small team of senior NDA managers will support Sellafield Ltd executive team through the transition period as a preferred bidder emerges from the competition process.

20 February 2008
Appointment of New Chair to the NDA 
Business Secretary, John Hutton, today announced the appointment of Stephen Henwood as the new NDA Chair. The appointment will take effect from 1 March 2008.

08 February 2008
£8m boost for nuclear archive 
The NDA has announced today that it will invest £8 million in plans to create the UK’s National Nuclear Archive (NNA) in Caithness, Scotland.

01 February 2008
NDA welcomes launch of the National Skills Academy for Nuclear 
The National Skills Academy for Nuclear will play a crucial role in developing the skills and workforce required for the NDA to fulfil its mission to decommission and clean-up the existing UK nuclear legacy.

30 January 2008
NDA Response to National Audit Office Report 
NDA looks forward to discussing its recommendations at the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) hearing on 25 February 2008.

30 January 2008
NDA Interim Commercial Director 
NDA has appointed Sean Balmer as its interim Commercial Director.

11 January 2008
National Stakeholder Group's Meeting Report and Video Published 
Audio-video and the meeting report from the 5th National Stakeholder Group meeting are now available.

11 January 2008
NDA Socio-Economic Policy Approved 
The NDA has published its Socio-Economic Policy following approval by BERR and Scottish Ministers. The policy sets out how the NDA intends to support the development of healthy, diversified local economies as activities on its sites come to an end.

11 January 2008
NDA Response to Government Statement on New Build 
The Government’s announcement on a new programme of nuclear power stations raises some important questions for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

11 January 2008
West Cumbria Community Fund 
The NDA welcomes the establishment of a West Cumbria Community Fund, recognising the ongoing contribution that the local community is providing to the nation by hosting the Low Level Waste Repository (LLWR) near the village of Drigg.

10 January 2008
New Repository Project Director 
Alun Ellis will lead the programme for the development of the UK repository for higher activity wastes following a Government decision to pursue this approach. This will include the development and management of the in-house and supply chain organisation necessary to achieve this.

21 December 2007
NDA Issues Final Tenders for Sellafield Contract 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) is pleased to confirm that in line with its planned competition schedule, Invitations to Submit Final Tenders have now been issued for the Sellafield Parent Body Organisation (PBO).

14 December 2007
Calling Nuclear Graduates 
The NDA is leading the development of an new and exciting industry wide graduate recruitment scheme. The search is now on for the first grdauates, from a range of disciplines, to join the two year scheme. 

14 November 2007
NDA Announces New Organisation Structure 
The NDA has reviewed its senior management structure to ensure that it is best able to deliver its business objectives going forward.

07 November 2007
NDA Publishes Draft Three Year Business Plan 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has published its draft business plan for 2008 to 2011. The plan, which is subject to consultation, outlines the key challenges and priorities for the NDA.

05 November 2007
NDA Responds to Government’s Consultation Paper 
The NDA responds to the consultation paper Managing Radioactive Waste Safely (MRWS): A framework for implementing geological disposal. We see this as an important consultation paper which sets out a framework for the long-term management of higher activity wastes. 

09 October 2007
NDA Annual Report and Accounts laid before Parliament today 
As charged under the Energy Act 2004, the NDA Annual Report and Accounts 2006/7 have been laid before Parliament prior to their official publication.

05 October 2007
Spent Fuel Management Report Published 
Assessment of the full life-cycle implications of spent fuel management.

03 October 2007
Competition Update 
An update on the NDA's competition schedule.

27 September 2007
University of Cumbria Funding 
The NDA today annouced that it will be investing £10 million into the University of Cumbria to support the development of a campus at Lillyhall.

14 September 2007
Nick Baldwin is NDA Chairman 
Nick Baldwin has been appointed Chairman of the NDA for six months following Sir Anthony Cleaver’s retirement on 31 July 2007. 

10 September 2007
Top Award for Direct Rail Services 
Direct Rail Services, an NDA subsidiary, scoop environmental rail award.

15 August 2007
NDA announces preferred bidder for LLWR Competition 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has today announced that UK Nuclear Waste Management Ltd (a consortium led by Washington Group International and including Studsvik UK, AREVA-NC and Serco Assurance) is the Preferred Bidder in the competition for the management and operation of the Low Level Waste Repository near Drigg in West Cumbria.

10 August 2007
Re-branding of NDA Sites 
Contrary to media reports the re-branding of Sellafield did not cost £1.6 million.

27 July 2007
NDA Operational Review 2006/7 
A review of NDA performance and progress in 2006/7, including operational highlights.

04 July 2007
Repository Project Director Sought 
The NDA is seeking a Repository Project Director to lead the programme for the development of a UK deep geological repository for higher activity radioactive wastes.

02 July 2007
Uranium and Plutonium Macro-Economic Study Published 
The Study has provided the NDA with a wide-ranging analysis of the possible futures for the UK’s stocks of uranium and plutonium materials.

29 June 2007
NDA Chairman Presents to British Nuclear Energy Society (BNES) 
Sir Anthony Cleaver, the NDA’s Chairman, recently presented to the British Nuclear Energy Society (BNES), updating them on the progress we’ve made over the past two years and what issues lay ahead.

25 June 2007
NDA Welcomes Publication of Government’s Consultation Paper 
The NDA welcomes the publication of the consultation paper "Managing Radioactive Waste Safely (MRWS): A framework for implementing geological disposal".

21 June 2007
NDA response to Independent on Sunday Article on the Government’s Consultation on Advance Fuel Allocation 
The NDA responded to an article in the Independent on Sunday newspaper concerning the Government’s consultation on advance fuel allocation published on 17 June 2007.

14 June 2007
DTI Launches Advance Allocation Consultation 
The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has launched a public consultation into the NDA’s proposal to allow advance allocation of THORP reprocessing products to overseas customers in certain circumstances.

13 June 2007
NDA Industry Seminar to Reveal Latest Competition Details 
On 14 June an NDA Industry Seminar informs potential bidders for the first time the detail of the competition to secure a Parent Body Organisation (PBO) for the Magnox South Site Licence Company (SLC).

07 June 2007
Competition for a PBO for the Sellafield SLC – Progress Update 
Competitive dialogue continues and the evaluation of remaining bidders will take place later in the competition process. The competition outcome is due to be announced in Summer 2008.

21 May 2007
Chapelcross Cooling Towers 
The four towers at Chapelcross Power Station were successfully demolished on Sunday 20 May 2007 by explosive charge. Watch the video clip.

11 May 2007
Response to Article in Daily Telegraph 
NDA statement to clarify position related to low level waste policy.

10 April 2007
NDA Announces Launch of PBO Competition for Magnox South SLC 
The NDA announces the competition to secure a Parent Body Organisation (PBO) for the Magnox South SLC. The Magnox South SLC brings together the following nuclear sites; Berkeley, Bradwell, Dungeness A, Hinkley Point A and Sizewell A.

10 April 2007
Sellafield PBO Competition 
The NDA has confirmation from Energy Solutions and Jacobs that they are withdrawing from the Competition for a PBO for the Sellafield SLC.

04 April 2007
NDA Chairman Announces Retirement 
Chairman of the NDA, Sir Anthony Cleaver, has advised the NDA Board that he will retire at the end of his three year period of appointment in July 2007.

02 April 2007
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) launches new Radioactive Waste Management Directorate 
Following a successful integration of Nirex's skills and expertise into the NDA, a new Radioactive Waste Management Directorate has been created.

26 March 2007
NDA Announces Sellafield Bidders 
The NDA is pleased to announce that six organisations have pre-qualified as bidders for the Sellafield Parent Body Organisation (PBO) role.

26 March 2007
Low Level Radioactive Waste Policy: NDA Statement 
The NDA welcomes publication of the UK Government and devolved administrations’ revised policy for the management of solid low level radioactive waste (LLW).

19 March 2007
British Energy Group plc Signs Deal with NDA to Market Output from Power Stations   
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and British Energy Group plc are pleased to announce an agreement under which British Energy will market the electrical output of NDA's power stations over their remaining lives.

09 March 2007
The Nuclear Academy breaks ground in Cumbria 
The Nuclear Academy, along with partners the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA), West lakes Renaissance and British Nuclear group officially commenced construction of The Nuclear Aacdemy facility in Cumbria on 9th March 2007.

28 February 2007
NDA Hosts Workshop to Help Bridge Skills Gap 
The NDA is hosting a one-day Skills Strategy Workshop to encourage its contractors and the supply chain to contribute to the development of the Skills Strategy. The event which takes place on 11 April 2007 at Milton Hill Conference Centre, Oxfordshire, will seek to scope and address the potential skills and resource shortfall in the Radiation Protection Resources field.

23 February 2007
New Nuclear Forum Created 
A Tier 1 Working Group has been set up between the NDA, NIA and 25 International Companies. This will aid two-way discussion between the NDA and aspiring “Tier 1” companies and identify improvements helping the NDA evolve its current contracts.

22 February 2007
Statement on NDA Budget 2007/8 
The NDA annouced the agreed budget for 2007/8 and are pleased to confirm that the DTI has agreed to fund a programme of £2.472 billion which represents a small increase on programme spending in the current year and is significantly higher than the 05/06 budget.

14 February 2007
NDA Confirms Names of New Site Licence Companies 
As part of the restructuring of the UK civil nuclear industry, the NDA is setting up Site Licence Companies (SLCs) to carry out decommissioning and commercial operations across its twenty sites.

14 February 2007
Response to Independent on Sunday Article about NDA Use of Helicopters 
The service will only be used when it can be shown that it would be more cost effective than alternative methods of travel.

12 February 2007
World Class Aspiration for Nuclear Health and Safety as Industry Shares Best Practice for the First Time 
History was made when over 150 Health and Safety delegates, representing all of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s 20 sites, gathered for a “Sharing Best Practice” conference in Manchester.

29 January 2007
£20m Funding for New Northwest Nuclear Research Centre 
A major new nuclear research facility is to be established in Cumbria with £20million of initial funding from The University of Manchester’s Dalton Nuclear Institute and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

10 January 2007
NDA Response to HSE Statement on THORP Re-start 
The NDA are pleased that the Health and Safety Executive has today (10 January 2007) granted consent for the re-start of the THORP facility at Sellafield.

10 January 2007
New Organisation Design for the NDA 
Since its establishment on 1st April 2005, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has focussed on building its resources, setting up its systems and procedures and developing its Strategy.

21 December 2006
NDA Statement in Response to Funding Issues Raised in The Times 
The NDA has issued the following statement following today's (21st December) article in The Times "Shortfall in funding puts nuclear clean-up work at risk"

01 December 2006
The NDA as Implementing Body for Deep Geological Disposal and the Transfer of Nirex Functions to the NDA 
Further to the Government’s post-CoRWM announcement of October 25, Government confirmed on the 30 November that ownership shares in Nirex have now been transferred to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

31 October 2006
NDA welcomes announcement regarding a Nuclear National Skills Academy 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has today welcomed the announcement by Education and Skills Secretary, Alan Johnson that the nuclear industry's bid for a National Nuclear Skills Academy has been accepted.

31 October 2006
NDA Concludes Review of Way Forward for Windscale, Capenhurst & Calder Hall Sites 
In line with its Strategy approved by Government in March, the NDA has been reviewing the most appropriate way forward for the Windscale, Capenhurst and Calder Hall sites.

26 October 2006
NDA Publishes Annual Report and Accounts for 2005/06 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has today, 26 October 2006, published its first full Annual Report and Accounts and also publishes the Health, Safety, Security and Environment Report for the same period.

25 October 2006
NDA announces launch of Sellafield competition 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has announced the timetable for the launch of the competition to secure a Parent Body Organisation for the Sellafield nuclear site in Cumbria.

25 October 2006
NDA Welcomes Extended Role in Nuclear Waste Disposal  
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority welcomes its extended role as the single UK body responsible for implementing geological disposal of higher activity radioactive waste, as announced today by Government.

24 October 2006
BNFL and Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Agree Way Forward for British Nuclear Group 
BNFL and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) have agreed a position for the future of British Nuclear Group.

20 October 2006
New Combined Nuclear Pension Plan Goes Live 
A new combined pension plan for the nuclear industry has been established by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) following extensive consultation with employers and union representatives. The scheme went live on October 16th when it admitted its first 1,300 members.

05 October 2006
Supporting Our Communities Towards a Healthy Local Economy 
Today sees the publication of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s Draft Socio-economic Policy for consultation with communities around our sites.

27 September 2006
NDA Approval of Waste Substitution Methodology 
The NDA recently engaged consultants to review the British Nuclear Group substitution methodology

22 September 2006
Pensions Update 
A joint statement was agreed and issued by NDA, Trade Unions, and BNFL to inform employees of the latest position on pensions.

18 September 2006
NDA Review of Sellafield Mox Plant (SMP) 
NDA provides a report reviewing progress over the past year in ramping up production as well as considering the future production capability, economic case and potential strategic role of Sellafield Mox Plant (SMP).

13 September 2006
First NDA Competition Shortlist Announced 
Following a call for competition made on 1st June this year under European Union procurement regulations, the NDA is pleased to announce that three bidders have qualified to be invited to tender for the Low Level Waste Management contract.

25 August 2006
NDA statement on competition strategy 
The NDA has a statutory remit to create a competitive market for the nuclear decommissioning sector and has set out a schedule for competing the contracts to manage and operate our various sites.

09 August 2006
NDA Operational Review 2005-6 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) is today, 9th August 2006, publishing an Operational Review for 2005/6 – it’s first full year of operation. This includes key achivements, area's of underachievement and plans for the coming year.

07 August 2006
NDA response to inaccuracies in Independent on Sunday article re BNG Industry Day 
The NDA wishes to point out that the date of 22 August for an Industry Day to discuss the potential sale of British Nuclear Group (BNG), contained in an article in The Independent on Sunday of 6 August, is inaccurate. No date for an Industry Day has yet been set.

01 August 2006
Consultation Begins on Draft Annual Plan 2007/8 
The NDA has launched a three month consultation on its draft Annual Plan 2007/8. This is the third plan produced since the organisation was established in April 2005. The document sets out how the NDA intends on spending its £2.5 billion budget during the next financial year.

31 July 2006
NDA response to final CoRWM report 
The delivery of CoRWM’s final report to Government is another important step towards having clarity on the future long term solutions for radioactive waste management. The NDA Comment on specific area's of the report.

25 July 2006
Work Starts to Develop a Business Case for Accelerated Decommissioning of Magnox Reactor Sites 
Work is underway to develop a business case to support accelerating the decommissioning of the Magnox reactor sites within around 25 years.

25 July 2006
Combined Nuclear Pension Plan (CNPP) Website Now Live 
The Combined Nuclear Pension Plan (CNPP) now has its own dedicated website: The site provides information on retirement and other pension benefits that will be provided through the nuclear decommissioning industry wide scheme.

21 July 2006
NDA Statement in Response to Daily Mirror Story Regarding Direct Rail Services 
We are obviously very concerned to hear of allegations that security requirements have not been met. We understand that the security regulator OCNS, will be conducting an investigation and we await the outcome of that investigation.

20 July 2006
NDA Confirms No Extension of Wylfa Beyond 2010 
As the owner of Wylfa power station the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has undertaken a review of the implications and feasibility of extending the operational life of the plant beyond its planned closure date of 2010.

27 June 2006
NDA reponse to Sunday Times' Article of 25th June Regarding Bechtel and Competition 
The NDA responds to an article in the Sunday Times on 25th June regarding the NDA’s decision to allow Bechtel to compete in future competitions

12 June 2006
NDA Seeks Bright Ideas For Decommissioning 
The NDA is offering research and development funding of up to £50,000 to companies and institutions to submit innovative proposals to help its decommissioning and clean-up.

07 June 2006
NDA Comments on CoRWM Draft Recommendations 
The NDA commends CoRWM for delivering a comprehensive set of draft recommendations on schedule and provides comments on a number of areas.

26 May 2006
New Name Confirmed as Industry-Wide Pension Scheme Progresses 
Following on from the three month consultation period on the industry-wide pension scheme which met with broad support detailed plans have been drawn up. These will be sent to the Government shortly for their consideration.

03 May 2006
NDA Response to HSE Prosecution of British Nuclear Group 
The NDA as owner of the Sellafield site has a separate contractual relationship with BNG and is not party to the legal action.

26 April 2006
NDA seeks 'strong field' for competition - all contractors cleared to enter 
The NDA wants a strong field to to enter the first and all other NDA competition processes. The aim is to use competition to find contractors able to deliver safe, environmentally responsible, cost-effective and accelerated clean-up. An industry day is set up to explain this.

10 April 2006
Search is on for first multi-million nuclear waste management contract winner 
Following Government approval (31 March 2006) of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s (NDA) Strategy for the clean-up of the UK’s civil nuclear legacy, the search is now underway for world-class contractors to get involved in the first competition.

05 April 2006
NDA Response to Outcome of State Aid Investigation 
The NDA welcomes the completion of the European Commission's formal State Aid investigation into the transfer of nuclear assets and liabilities to the NDA from BNFL.

02 April 2006
dialogue: a New Publication for Stakeholders 
The NDA has published a new stakeholder magazine called Dialogue. It will be published on a quarterly basis both as an electronic document accessed through this website and also available in hard copy. In the first "special" edition we focus on the NDA Strategy following its approval by the Government and Scottish Ministers and in particular on the key principles that underpin the Strategy.

30 March 2006
NDA Strategy Approved 
Today the Nuclear Decommissioning Industry (NDA) has published its approved Strategy which for the first time sets out how the UK will tackle the clean-up of its historic nuclear facilities.

21 March 2006
Positive consultation for the proposed Nuclear Decommissioning Industry Wide Pension Scheme 
The proposals for a Nuclear Decommissioning Industry Wide Pension Scheme (IWS) have met with broad support. A three month consultation, run by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), closed on the 8th March and generated over 80 responses

02 March 2006
THORP Update 
The NDA has revised the assessment of the issues associated with the non-restart and restart options for the THORP plant at Sellafield, originally published on 21 February 2006. The revisions result from a discussion of the original text at a meeting of the Nuclear Materials Issues Group, a sub-group of the National Stakeholder Group.

24 February 2006
NDA Announces New Commercial Director 
The NDA is pleased to confirm the appointment of Mark Leggett as Commercial Director. Mark arrives from Aker Kvaerner and will take up his post at the NDA HQ in West Cumbria on 13 March.

21 February 2006
THORP Update 
The NDA has published an assessment of the issues associated with the non-restart and restart options for the THORP plant at Sellafield. This report was subsequently revised, see THORP Update from 2 March 2006.

16 February 2006
Sellafield MOX Plant Update 
Outline of production progress and planned programme for improvement of the Sellafield MOX Plant (SMP).

30 January 2006
NDA Announces Director Appointments 
Dr Ian Roxburgh, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has announced two important changes to the NDA’s senior management team.

29 January 2006
NDA Response to Sunday Times Article 
NDA responds to article in the Sunday Times on 29 January 2006 claiming a rift between the NDA's Chairman and Chief Executive on the proposed sale of British Nuclear Group.

13 January 2006
NDA Offers Workforce Incentive for Accelerated Clean-Up 
NDA offers an incentive for Workforce for accelerated clean-up, a bonus will be awarded if the sites acheive a 7% saving on thier original work programme.

13 January 2006
NDA Team investigate U.S. Low Level Waste disposal methods 
A team of five staff from across the NDA visited the US in November 2005 to investigate decommissioning and Low Level Waste disposal methods.

15 December 2005
NDA Board approves Strategy - 15 December 2005 
NDA Board has today endorsed a proposed Strategy to be submitted to the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry and the Scottish Ministers for their consideration.

09 December 2005
Nuclear Decommissioning Industry Pension Scheme Consultation 
Today, the NDA has launched a 3 month consultation on the proposed nuclear decommissioning industry wide pension scheme.

07 December 2005
£20million funding agreed to support West Cumbria skills and nuclear cluster strategy 
Over the next three years the NDA will contribute over £20million to the funding of three new initiatives to be based in West Cumbria; a Nuclear Institute, a National Nuclear Skills Academy, and a new academic position of Chair of Epidemiology.

02 December 2005
Industry wide pension scheme 
The NDA recognises the importance of the industry wide pension scheme to the trade unions and workforce and has held a number of meetings in recent months to engage constructively with union representatives on this issue.

17 November 2005
NDA officials in top level meeting with Irish government 
NDA in a meeting with Irish Government to reinforce their committments to safety, security and environmental performance.

16 November 2005
Wide ranging debate for NDA Draft Strategy 
Sir Anthony Cleaver, Chairman of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), has offered his thanks to everyone who responded to the recent consultation into the NDA’s first ever Draft Strategy.

16 November 2005
Latest NDA Statement on THORP - 16 November 2005 
NDA Statement on the progress of THORP 

04 November 2005
Final week for Draft Consultation reponses 
The three month consultation period for the NDA’s first Draft Strategy draws to end this week.

04 November 2005
NDA response to proposed sale of BNG 
We are neither for nor against the sale of BNG, but we do need to understand more fully the wide range of issues raised by such a sale.

21 October 2005
NDA appoints new Head of Commercial 
Bob Churchill, currently with AMEC, joins the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) on the 31 October 2005 as Head of Commercial.

19 October 2005
Chat: Draft Strategy for Consultation 
Transcript from Nuclear chat room hosted by the NDA to discuss the draft strategy consultation

06 October 2005
2006/7 Draft Annual Plan out to consultation 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority published the Draft Annual Plan 2007/8 for Consultation on 1 August 2006.

30 September 2005
Consultation on the NDA's Draft Strategy: FAQs 
Seven weeks in to the consultation on the NDA’s Draft Strategy, our proposals for the clean-up and decommissioning of the UK’s civil nuclear sites are generating a wide debate. In total, we have received over 300 requests for 2250 copies of the Draft Strategy and Environment Report.

30 September 2005
NDA Response to Proposed Sale of British Nuclear Group (BNG) 
We note with interest BNFL’s intention to seek a sale of British Nuclear Group and will need some time to give full consideration to the issues raised for the NDA’s decommissioning programme. We will, in due course, make our views known to the DTI who will make any final decision.

26 September 2005
Dounreay Cementation Plant Incident 
On Monday 26 September he NDA was made aware of an incident at the Dounreay cementation plant. We are aware that UKAEA have commenced an investigation into the circumstances leading up to and the impact of the incident. They have also reported the incident to the appropriate regulatory authorities. The plant shut down with no release to the environment. As of now we do not know how long the plant will be out of service. We will await the outcome of the investigations into the incident.

15 September 2005
British Energy announce 10 year life extension for Dungeness B 
British Energy has today announced that it has completed the necessary technical and economic evaluation, as well as requisite external reviews, and has decided to extend Dungeness B’s accounting life for 10 years to 2018.

09 August 2005
Webcast of Launch of NDA Draft Strategy for Consultation 
On Thursday, 11 August at 9.30am, the NDA publishes its first draft strategy for detailed public consultation. You will be able to view the webcast of the launch on this website until 11 November 2005.

05 August 2005
NDA host workshop for contractors at ICEM'05 Conference 
NDA will be hosting a workshop for contractors to understand some of the major aspects of NDA's work and to interact with NDA staff. It is being held 4 - 8 September 2005, Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre, Glasgow.

25 July 2005
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Publishes Annual Report and Accounts 
The NDA has today Monday, 25th July 2005, published its first Annual Report and Accounts covering the four month period between 1st December 2004 and 31st March 2005.

25 July 2005
Caithness Socio-Economic Forum Established 
The NDA welcomes the establishment of the Caithness Socio-Economic Forum and will have an active role in the important work that lays ahead.

10 June 2005
Historic list of possible locations for a radioactive waste repository 
On 10 June 2005, Nirex published an historic short-list of sites, compiled during the 1980s, as possible locations for a radioactive waste repository.

02 June 2005
Latest NDA Statement on THORP 
On Friday 27th May 2005 the NDA received a copy of the British Nuclear Group investigation into the incident that recently occurred at THORP.

18 April 2005
Prioritisation Working Group Report Published 
In order to advise the NDA on a possible prioritisation process, the DTI’s Liabilities Management Unit established the Prioritisation Working Group (PWG).

01 April 2005
Launch News 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, which is launched today, Friday 1st April 2005, has strategic responsibility for the decommissioning and clean-up of all 20 of the UK public sector civil nuclear sites.

01 April 2005
Annual Plan 
The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority published its first Annual Plan on Friday 1st of April. It has recieved full approval from Patricia Hewitt, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry and from Ross Finnie, Minister for Environment and Rural Development at the Scottish Executive. 

03 December 2004
Directions to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority 
On 3 December 2004, the directions setting out the NDA's responsibilities in respect of designated nuclear sites, installations and facilities were laid before Parliament.

01 December 2004
State Aids 
The European Commission has announced the beginning of a formal investigation into State Aid to the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority.

01 November 2004
Safeguarding West Cumbria's Economic Prosperity 
On Monday 1st of November 2004, the Trade and Industry Secretary, Patricia Hewitt, signed an agreement with the NDA, local authorities and the North West Development Agency to safeguard West Cumbria's economic prosperity.

13 October 2004
Appointment of Non-Executive Directors 
On 13th October 2004, the Energy Minister, Mike O'Brien, announced the appointment of six non-executive directors to the NDA Board, with effect from 29th October.