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NDA drives improvement  

Dounreay Progress Poster26 August 2009

NDA drives increased decommissioning, better safety and cost reduction at Dounreay.

Removal of Dounreay Monster Tanks begins  

Installation of monster tank at Dounreay in late 1960s.06 August 2009

Cranes lift four Dounreay monster tanks out of the prototype fast reactor steam generation building.

New ventilation system for Dounreay  

Installation of ventilation stack at Dounreay July 200906 August 2009

A new ventilation system has been installed at Dounreay as part of the next stage of the decommissioning process.

Trial shows way forward  

ILW Ministores27 July 2009

Case to be made for use of Dungeness site's pioneering ILW MiniStores project elsewhere in the Magnox estate.

"Pigs" might clean pipes  

Demonstration of ice pigging with difficult topologies15 July 2009

An innovative pipe-cleaning technique could save money and time as well as minimise waste.

Dounreay says goodbye to largest hazard  

Dounreay10 July 2009

Dounreay is close to destroying the largest single hazard from its fast reactor research and development programme.

Showing 1 - 6 of 196 Results / View All

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