'The new IACDI will be an important step forward. It shows that the Government is committed to independent, open, and transparent scrutiny of our development assistance.'
Secretary of State for International Development, May 2007 ยป

The Independent Advisory Committee on Development Impact (IACDI) will:

  • Determine which programmes and areas of UK development assistance will be evaluated and when. It will do this by approving the evaluation programme and priorities for evaluation identified by DFID's Evaluation Department
  • Identify any gaps in the planned programme of evaluations and make proposals for new areas or other priorities as required
  • Determine whether relevant standards (e.g. of the OECD Development Assistance Committee) are being applied; and comment on the overall quality of the programme of evaluation work carried out against these.

IACDI works in a transparent way, publishing minutes of its meetings and consulting on the proposed future work plan of DFID evaluations. The committee welcomes comments and suggestions on its work at all times.