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Ofsted has developed a user and stakeholder engagement strategy. It sets out how we will encourage and promote user engagement as a driver for improvement and how we will listen to our users, providers and stakeholders in all that we do.

We strive to listen carefully to users of the services we inspect and regulate and to all of our other stakeholders. Your views are therefore crucial in helping us to understand where we need to focus our efforts and to tell us what works and what doesn’t. In this section of our website, you can find out about, and comment upon, consultations currently under way.

We have also drawn together two calendars highlighting all recent and planned consultation activity across Ofsted between April 2008 and March 2009. We are sharing these so that users, providers and stakeholders know our plans in advance, can see what Ofsted will be consulting on, how and when, and can read about what has happen as a result of consultation.

The calendars will be updated regularly. We will keep completed consultations, so people can refer back to the findings and see what action has been taken.

Single equality scheme

Closing date: 16 Nov 2009

Ofsted is preparing its first single equality scheme, to replace its existing three separate schemes (disability equality; race equality; gender equality).

Your responses to this questionnaire will help us to define our priorities which will inform the scheme. This will be published in April 2010.

Before completing this questionnaire, you may find it useful to look at the Ofsted website to see the kind of work we do.

Please go to the single equality scheme consultation's page for its consultation document and details on how to respond.

Inspections of children’s centres

Closing date: 18 Sep 2009

Ofsted has been asked to inspect all children’s centres.

This consultation seeks the views of everyone with an interest in children’s centres on our proposals for inspecting children’s centres.

Please go to the inspections of children’s centres consultation's page for its consultation document and details on how to respond.

An open book

We have drawn together a calendar of all planned consultation activity taking place across Ofsted until 2009.

We have also added a separate calendar showing all completed consultations, since April 2008, and the published responses to these consultations.

Your voice

If you have any comments or queries about the calendar, or the consultation section in general, please email or click the link below.

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