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Review of Public Service Regulators (HTML format)

  • Departments: 

  • Sustainable Development Commission

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Date of publication: 

2 September 2009


This is a thematic review of public service regulators. It concentrates on three sectors – health, education and local government – and assesses the work of the Audit Commission, Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission. It explores ways of regulating effectively for sustainable development in the wider public sector.

  • Subjects: 

  • Care; 
  • Economics and finance; 
  • Environment; 
  • General education; 
  • General health; 
  • Government and public administration; 
  • NHS; 
  • Performance management; 
  • Planning, land and premises; 
  • Schools; 
  • Social housing; 
  • Social issues

  • Regions: 

  • National

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