As an info4local subscriber, you know that the service saves you time.

You know it keeps you up to date and helps you do your job effectively.

You also know it’s the most direct route to information for local government from central government.

The question is…

‘do all your colleagues?’

Possibly not. So we’d like to ask a favour. We’d like you to spread the word about info4local. 

There might be people new to your organisation or department who don’t know about the service, or perhaps there are people who have just never discovered our service or bothered to sign up.

If you think you know someone who would benefit, let them know about info4local.

It's easy to do…

Or, if you don’t get the chance to do any of those, you could just spread the word the old-fashioned way by talking to people about info4local and telling them about the service.

(If you’ve got something not so good to say, you can always tell us.)

So please spread the word and help make sure your colleagues are as up to speed as you are when it comes to the latest information from central government.

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