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Consultation on a Review of Parental Order Regulations (HTML format)

  • Departments: 

  • Department of Health

Document type: 

Consultation paper

Date of publication: 

1 September 2009

Deadline date: 

23 November 2009


This consultation seeks views on regulations on parental orders, which transfer parenthood from the surrogate (and her husband or partner if she has one) to the couple who commission the surrogacy arrangement. Parental orders are currently available to married couples only. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 enables same-sex couples and unmarried couples as well as married couples to apply for a parental order.

  • Subjects: 

  • Care; 
  • General health; 
  • Justice system; 
  • NHS; 
  • Social issues

  • Regions: 

  • National

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