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What's my carbon footprint?


ACT ON CO2 Calculator

Find out how much carbon dioxide you create and get a simple, personalised action plan to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Met Office publication Warming: Climate change - the factsClimate change – your essential guide

Download the Met Office booklet on climate change.

Met Office publication Warming: Climate change - the factsSave water and CO2 emissions

Heating water for everyday use (for things like baths, showers and washing up) uses energy and releases CO2.

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CO2 rankingsNew car CO2 emissions

Compare the fuel costs and CO2 emissions of all new cars by make and model.

The Road to Copenhagen

Ed Milliband and Gordon Brown at the Road to Copenhagen launch

DECC has published ‘The Road to Copenhagen’, a manifesto for a global climate deal.

“This is make or break time for our climate and our future." – Ed Miliband