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Frances Evans

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2nd August 2005

Dear Sir/Madam,

Consultation exercise: Application of retro reflective conspicuity markings to heavy vehicles

I attach a copy of a consultation paper and draft Regulatory Impact Assessment on requiring the application of an existing international (UNECE) technical specification on certain large vehicles, e.g. goods vehicles, buses, trailers. The proposal is that these vehicles are fitted with reflective tape on the sides and rear to improve conspicuity and visibility to other road users. The Department would welcome your comments.

Please indicate your views using the attached questionnaire including any general comments. The completed questionnaire, and any additional sheets, should be sent to Mrs Frances Evans at the above address or by e-mail: by 16th September 2005.

Attached to this letter is a list of all those being sent the enclosures. Please let us know if you think anyone else should receive copies. These documents may be freely reproduced and if you wish to pass them on to others, such as local community groups, please do so. Copies are also available to download from the Consultations section of the Department's web site at

This consultation is being undertaken in accordance with the Government's Code of Practice on Written Consultation, a copy of which is attached. The consultation period has been shortened in this case because we need to get your initial thoughts in order that we have time to consider your views and prepare the UK position for the next meeting of the United Nations' Expert Group on Vehicle Lighting in October. In the event of any National regulatory measures resulting from these proposals we expect to undertake the full statutory 12 week consultation.

A summary of the responses to the consultation will be published on our website after the consultation period ends.

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 requires public authorities to disclose information they hold if it is requested. This includes information contained in responses to consultations. The department will generally publish subsequently the information it discloses under FOI on its website. If you ask for your response to be kept confidential this will only be possible if it is consistent with the departments' obligations under the Freedom of Information Act.

Frances Evans