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Welcome to the website of the Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee. We advise the UK Government on access for disabled people to transport.

The Disabled Persons Transport Advisory Committee's (DPTAC) website provides comprehensive information on its role in advising the Government on the transport needs of disabled people.

The website provides an overview of what DPTAC does and the activities of its working groups. It focuses primarily on different transport modes, including air travel, buses, ferries, motoring, rail, taxis and walking and also includes a section on the built environment, where DPTAC advised the Government until April 2005.

DPTAC want the website to be a resource for everyone from disabled people to those aiming to provide services that meet everyone's needs. It will evolve with the work of the Committee, but DPTAC would welcome your advice on the information you want to receive.

Information about the rights of disabled people to accessible transport systems and infrastructure particularly under the DDA as well as more information on how to make comments and how to complain to transport operators will come soon.

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What's New

25.02.09: DPTAC Annual Report 2007-2008

18.02.09: DPTAC 2008-09 Work Programme

06.11.08: Statement on Shared Surfaces

Main Committee Minutes

29.04.09: Minutes of Main Committee Meeting held on 11 December 2008

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