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Guided Writing as a means of Precise Intervention at Wave One

Authored by: Kirsten French
Status: Approved
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What key resources would people who want to learn from your experience need access to?

Literacy guidance papers & publications (e.g. 'Developing Early Writing', 'Grammar for Writing', text type progression papers, etc) all available at:

'Excellence & Enjoyment: Learning & teaching for bilingual children in the primary years (Teaching units to support guided sessions for writing...)'

Materials to support development of 'working walls':

What CPD session and resources were particularly useful?

- Guided Writing CPD materials on the online Framework (training materials, film clips, guidance booklets etc):

- 'Excellence & Enjoyment' AfL materials, now available via the online Primary Framework: 'Objective-led & outcome-led learning':

- 'Questioning & dialogue':

- 'Developing peer and self-assessment':

- 'Leading Improvement using the Primary Framework':

If another individual or school was attempting to replicate this work, where would they start and what would the essential elements be?

Identify SEF/School Development Plan priorities;
Develop tightly focused, 'SMART' CPD element;
Set up grouping for lesson study process and carry out the study;
Plan for how and when monitoring and evaluation of impact will occur (e.g. link with Performance Management);
Use information to review SEF/SDP priorities....etc.

What further developments are you planning to do (or would you like to see others do)?

Twilight sessions planned for summer 2008 (led by Leading Teachers and Advanced Skills Teachers) regarding exploration of a Year 2/3 transition unit, specifically designed to exemplify teaching strategies for grammatical features at Phase 2 of the Teaching Sequence for Writing;
Continue to build into all our training some suggested uses of lesson study/class-based enquiry etc, with examples of tight foci to study relating to that training;
*Embark on own lesson study, to further develop use of cross-curricular opportunities for writing conferencing and use of speaking & listening APP (Assessing Pupil Progress) pilot materials to inform writing assessment information.

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