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Accessibility Help

This website has been designed to make information accessible to all users regardless of disability.

We have now achieved triple A accessibility compliance across the sites (the highest possible rating) with two exceptions:

Subsites and forums
Our subsites and discussion forums have single A compliance. A subsite is a related site that belongs to the Government Offices but does not form part of the
www.gos.gov.uk suite of sites.

Related documents
While the Government Offices make every reasonable attempt to ensure Word, Excel, PDF and PowerPoint documents are easy to read and accessible, some users will have difficulty in navigating certain files with screen readers, especially PDF documents. If you need assistance with any of our documents, please contact the local Communications Team under the Contact Us heading.

If you have any problems with the site or have any suggestions to improve accessibility, please contact the web team by email at the address below and we will do our best to resolve your issues.

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