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The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) is the UK's leading agency for research funding and training in economic and social sciences.# read more...

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Society Now issue 4 - cover

Society Now - Summer issue

The Summer issue of Society Now looks at major events in society since the moon landing, in addition to articles on the paradox of tourism, school league tables, an interview with social affairs writer Polly Toynbee, and a supplement presenting the new Strategic Plan.

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Schools and Young People

Students and Teacher

Considering a career in social science? Or are you a teacher looking for school resources? We fund a number of activities for young people and schools.

Latest ESRC news and events

Cover of Annual Report 2008-2009
  • ESRC Annual Report 2008-2009
    The new Annual Report is now available online, and includes a review of the year from the ESRC Chair and Chief Executive, outstanding features of the year and ESRC facts and figures at a glance.
  • ESRC Strategic Plan 2009-2014
    The new ESRC Strategic Plan is now available online. See our strategic challenges, priorities and impact objectives for the next five years, as well as case studies of previous achievements.
  • Managing risk in society
    Risk-related policies, public trust and the managing of risk perceptions were topics discussed at the SCARR-hosted conference 'Managing the Social Impacts of Change from a Risk Perspective'.
  • ESRC events
  • Public Policy Seminar Series

ESRC and the financial crisis

Drop in Value

ESRC-funded experts, research and comments shed light on the financial crisis. See our overview of ESRC resources.

Research Councils UK

Research Councils UK

Interested in other areas of research? The Research Councils UK website is a joint portal for all Research Councils, offering access to the whole range of UK research funded through the councils.