Flexible working and work-life balance

Guidance on flexible working can be found on Directgov and businesslink.gov.uk.

If you are an employee please visit Directgov which has information on all employment rights including flexible working. BERR also provides some templates to help when applying for flexible working from your employer

If you are an employer please refer to businesslink.gov.uk, which provides practical advice on all employment rights for businesses. Employers can save themselves time and effort by using the standard forms on businesslink.gov.uk for accepting an employee's request to work flexibly, for turning down a request to work flexibly, for responding to an employee's appeal and for use when the employer needs more time to consider an application.


Changes from 6 April 2009

Currently employees with caring responsibilities of children aged up to 6 (18 and under where the child is disabled) and carer's of adults have the statutory right to request to work flexibly.

In April the right to request flexible working is being extended to parents of children aged 16 and under. More information can be found on Directgov and businesslink.gov.uk.