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Below is an alphabetical list and summary of all past Strategy Unit projects and work areas. Follow the links to for more information about each project.

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Active Ageing looked at how to improve the well-being and quality of life of older people by helping them to remain active. The study identified ways of increasing the employment opportunities for older people, by examining the incentives for businesses to employ and retain older people and for individuals to remain in paid or voluntary work.

Adoption provided an initial assessment of the main problem areas, identify options and make recommendations for Government policy on the use of adoption for children in the care of Local Authorities.

Alcohol Misuse looked at how to tackle the problems associated with alcohol misuse. The project provided a detailed analysis of the relevant issues and ways in which the problems associated with alcohol misuse might be tackled.

(Quantitative) Analysis and Modelling in Central Government reviewed Departments' capabilities for quantative analysis and modelling in key areas of Government policy, including access to and the use made of data, to identify strengths and weaknesses and make cost-effective recommendations for change.

(World-class) Apprenticeships: Unlocking Talent, Building Skills for All [PDF, External website] – supported work on the Government's strategy for the future of Apprenticeships in England, published on 28 January 2008.


Central Government's Role at Regional & Local Level looked at getting the right arrangements in place for joined-up delivery of central Government policies in regions and communities.

Childcare developed a 10 year vision and strategy for childcare focusing on the provision of quality, affordable and accessible childcare.

(Next Steps for Early Learning and) Childcare – Building on the 10-Year Strategy [PDF, 1.8MB], published on 28 January 2009

(Next Steps for Early Learning and) Childcare – Building on the 10-Year Strategy (summary) [PDF, 1MB], published on 28 January 2009

[Interventions for] children at risk of developing antisocial personality disorder [PDF 1.04MB, 106 pages] – the Strategy Unit and Department of Health commissioned a review of what is known about the effectiveness of interventions for children and young people whose conduct disorders place them at risk of developing persistent and intractable patterns of problem behaviour in adult life.

[The] Children's Plan: building brighter futures [External website]- supported work on DCSF's Children's Plan, published on 11th December 2007

Child Support [DWP website] - joint work with DWP on new arrangements for delivering child support.

Correctional Services contributed to the second phase of the Home Office's Correctional Services review.

Countries at Risk of Instability The Prime Minister has asked the Strategy Unit to lead a cross-Whitehall project team to analyse the challenges raised by countries at risk of instability and recommend how the UK should improve its strategic response to them.

(Criminal) Asset Recovery Action Plan – A Consultation Document [PDF 298KB, 52 pages] – work with the Home Office on proposals for new powers to help increase dramatically the quantity of criminal assets recovered, published on 24 May 2007.

Criminal Assets evaluated the effectiveness of following the money trail as a technique in fighting serious and organised crime and, in the light of the analysis, develop a new strategy to exploit this approach more vigorously.

(Achieving) Culture Change: A Policy Framework [PDF 3.2MB, 138 pages] – an SU discussion paper that examines the role of cultural capital in influencing behaviour, establishing a policy framework to encourage behaviour change where powerful cultural factors are at play.


Deprived Areas took forward a study of government's approach to improving the prospects of people living in areas of multiple deprivation in England.

Digital Stategy set out the digital stategy for the UK.

(Improving the Life Chances of) Disabled People provided a strategic assessment, and supporting analysis, of disabled people's life chances.

Drugs took forward a study on high-harm-causing drugs, working closely with the Home Office and other key departments.


[Raising Expectations: Staying in] education and training post–16 [DfES Website] – supported work by the Department for Education and Skills on proposals to require young people to remain in education or training until the age of 18 from 2013.

Education Strategy Review - a strategic review of education and skills.

Electronic Commerce in the UK looked at how to make the UK the world's best environment for electronic commerce, ensuring that the UK benefits fully from the single fastest growing market place in the global economy.

Electronic Networks provided a strategy to deliver the best outcomes for consumers from competition in electronic networks.

Electronic Service Delivery took a strategic view of which public services should be delivered by electronic means and look at the options for securing delivery of these services, including the respective roles of the public and private sectors.

Encryption and Law Enforcement considered the issues surrounding encryption, e-commerce and law enforcement and set out recommendations to achieve better balanced Government policy in this area.

(Building on progress:) Energy and environment [PDF 1.82MB, 72 pages] – final report of the energy and environment strand of the Policy Review, published on 5 June 2007.

Energy Review examined the long term challenges for energy policy in the UK, and set out how energy policy can ensure competitiveness, security and affordability in the future.

Engagement in Public Institutions examined the issue of engagement in public institutions.

Environment and Energy published as a background paper to inform the Policy Review on 16th January 2007.

Ethnic Minorities in the Labour Market looked at increasing the participation and achievement of Black and Asian ethnic minorities in the UK labour market.


Fair Rules for Strong Communities [PDF 1.22MB, 65 pages], published on 2 December 2008 

(Building on progress:) Families [PDF 1.76MB, 64 pages] – final report of the families strand of the Policy Review, published on 16 May 2007.

Families in Britain: an evidence paper [PDF 1.92MB, 110pages], joint work with  DCSF published on 18 December 2008

Fisheries Project proposed a possible long-term strategy for improving the fortunes of the UK fishing industry and the communities which depend upon it.

Food: an analysis of the issues - an analytical paper on food and food policy, published on 3rd January 2008.

Food Matters: Towards a Strategy for the 21st Century [PDF 2.4MB, 144 pages] – final report on future food policy, published on 7th July 2008.


Global Health looked at ways to improve the international community's contribution for tackling HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria in developing countries.

GM Crops provided a balanced analysis of the costs and benefits of the possible commercial cultivation (or otherwise) of GM crops in the UK, over the next 10-15 years.


Health Strategy Review - a strategic review of the UK's Health system.

Higher Education: Progress, challenges and a new scheme to promote voluntary giving published in support of the Prime Minister's launch of a scheme to encourage voluntary giving to universities on 15th February 2007.


(The Government's Response to The Power of) Information [PDF 610KB, 20pages]: The Strategy Unit supported work on the Government's response to The Power of Information: An independent review by Ed Mayo and Tom Steinberg, published on 25 June 2007.

(The Power of) Information [PDF 289KB, 57 pages]: The Strategy Unit supported an independent review of the use and development of citizen and state–generated information in the UK by Ed Mayo and Tom Steinberg, published on 7 June 2007.

Innovation in the Public Sector provided a framework for thinking, debate and action on the conditions for successful innovation and its diffusion in the public sector.


(Accountability and Incentives for) Joined-Up Policy Making examined how current accountability arrangements and incentive systems can be reformed to facilitate joined-up policy-making and delivery, for example by promoting achievement of joint objectives which require co-operation between departments.


Leadership in the Public Sector examined how to ensure that the public sector - primarily health, education and local government - has the leaders it needs to deliver key services in the future.

Legal Aid: The Stategy Unit was asked to support a fundamental legal aid review being undertaken by the Department for Constitutional Affairs.

Life Chances and Social Mobility a discussion paper concerning life chances and social mobility. See also Discussion paper: Social Mobility April 2001.

Life Chances: Supporting people to get on in the labour market [PDF 1.05MB, 76 pages] an analytical discussion paper published on 18 March 2008.

Loans examined modernising the way that Government provides loans for individuals and business.

Local Government in the Future provided an analysis of: the key social, economic and political trends likely to impact on local government over the next 10-15 years; the scenarios that may alter the future environment within which local government operates; and the implications of key trends and scenarios for local government over the next 10-15 years.

The Local Government White Paper 2006 - Strong and Prosperous Communities [DCLG website] - joint work with DCLG on new proposals to give local people and local communities more influence and power to improve their lives

London provided a study of the long-term issues facing London and its role as the UK's capital and as a world city.


Migration a joint research study with the Home Office


(Developing the) NHS Performance Regime [PDF 769KB, 72 pages] – joint work with DH published on 4 June 2008.

NHS Next Stage Review - High Quality Care For All [PDF 2.77MB, 92 pages] - support for the final report of Lord Darzi's NHS Next Stage Review, published by DH on 30 June 2008.


Personal Responsibility concluded that the efficacy of government policy may be significantly enhanced, and public behaviour positively influenced, by the application of more sophisticated approaches to support individuals and communities in changing behaviours.

Police Reform provided a joint analytical study with the Home Office on police reform.

(Better) Policy Delivery and Design focussing on what can be done, particularly at the centre, to help those on the frontline to achieve better results.

Policy Review – launched in October 2006 to assess the UK's long term strategic priorities

a) Paper prepared as background to Cabinet discussion on 19th October 2006: Strategic Priorities for the UK: The Policy Review [PDF 141KB, 29 pages]

b) Papers prepared as background to the individual strands of the Policy Review published on 16 January 2007

c) Papers prepared for the Prime Minister's appearance before the Liaison Committee on 6th February 2007:

d) A summary of Policy Review seminars for Ministers below Cabinet level [PDF, 458KB] as presented to the Prime Minister and published on 19th February 2007.

e) The final report of the public services strand of the policy review: Building on progress: Public services [PDF, 1.8MB, 87 pages] published on 19 March 2007.

f) The final report of the security, crime and justice strand of the policy review: Building on progress: Security, Crime and Justice [PDF, 3MB, 110 pages] published on 27 March 2007.

g) The final reports of the role of the state and families strands of the Policy Review: Building on progress: The role of the state [PDF 1.32MB, 32 pages] and Building on progress: Families[PDF 1.76MB, 64 pages] published on 16 May 2007.

h)The final report of the energy and environment strand of the Policy Review: Building on progress: Energy and environment [PDF 1.82MB, 72 pages] published on 5 June 2007.

Post Office Network developed a strategic view of the Post Office network following the Post Office White Paper, including picking up the commitment in the White Paper to develop minimum criteria for access to Post Office services.

Privacy and Data-Sharing analysed a broad range of issues involved in privacy and data, including government, private sector and international practices; structural and technological issues; public concerns; and the legal parameters.

(The UK Government's Approach to) Public Service Reform - a discussion paper setting out the main elements of the UK Government's public service reform model, and the principles and evidence behind it. A summary pamphlet also accompanies the main discussion paper.

(Working together -) Public services on your side [External PDF] , published 10 March 2009

Public Services published as a background paper to inform the Policy Review on 16th January 2007. (see also Discussion paper: The UK Government's Approach to Public Service Reform, June 2006)

(Building on progress:) Public services  [PDF, 1.8MB, 87 pages] – final report of the public services strand of the policy review, published on 19 March 2007.

(Excellence and fairness: Achieving world class) public services [PDF 905KB, 48 pages] – a report on the next stage of improving public services, published on 27 June 2008.

(Excellence and fairness: Achieving world class) public services summary report [PDF 750KB, 24 pages, 1 August 2008.


(World class places: The Government's strategy for improving) quality of place [External PDF] published on 12 May 2009


Resource Productivity set out a framework for the role of environmental resources in the economy and ways in which we need to improve resource productivity in the wider context of sustainable development.

Risk set out a comprehensive programme of action to improve government's handling of risk and uncertainty.

(The) Role of the State published as a background paper to inform the Policy Review on 16th January 2007.

(Building on progress: The) Role of the state [PDF 1.32MB, 32 pages] – final report of the role of the state strand of the Policy Review, published on 16 May 2007.

Rural Economies examined the differing needs of local rural economies, and then key factors affecting performance, so as to establish clear objectives for Government policies influencing the future development of rural economies.


Satisfaction With Public Services asked what do we mean by satisfaction and what successful strategies exist for improving satisfaction

(A report on) schools: progress in the last ten years and challenges ahead - prepared as background to a speech by the Prime Minister on personalised learning on 30th November 2006.

Schools reform - reviews the international evidence on the impact of schools reform

School workforce [PDF, External website] - work with DCSF on creating a world class school workforce published as “Being the best for our children: Releasing talent for teaching and learning” on 7 March 2008.

Science and innovation - three background papers prepared in support of a speech on science and technology by the Prime Minister in November 2006.

Security, Crime and Justice published as a background paper to inform the Policy Review on 16th January 2007.

(Building on progress:) Security, Crime and Justice [PDF, 3MB, 110 pages] - final report of the security, crime and justice strand of the policy review, published on 27 March 2007.

(Work) Skills [PDF 1.42MB, 27 pages] - support for work on developing the talents and skills of people with DWP and DIUS, published on 12 June 2008.

Social Exclusion: the Strategy Unit led the work culminating in the Government's Social Exclusion Action Plan published in September 2006.

(Life Chances and) Social Mobility - a discussion paper concerning life chances and social mobility. See also Discussion paper: Social Mobility April 2001.

Social mobility - Getting on, getting ahead - A discussion paper: analysing the trends and drivers of social mobility [PDF 1MB, 95 pages], published on 3 November 2008

Social mobility - New Opportunities: Fair Chances for the Future [External website], a White Paper produced jointly with a range of Whitehall Departments and published on 13 January 2009

Social mobility - New Opportunities: Fair Chances for the Future [PDF, 1.16MB, 108 pages]

Sport examined the Government's three top-level sporting priorities - participation, excellence and hosting world class events.

Strategic Audit assessed the progress made and challenges facing the UK

Strategic Challenges looked at ways of making policy-making in central Government more forward thinking and outward looking.

(Future) Strategic Challenges for Britain set out an analysis of the strategic challenges facing Britain over the next 10-15 years and beyond, published on 8 February 2008

Strategic Futures project was established to improve the ability of Government to think about, react to and potentially shape the future.

Summary powers [Home Office website] - joint work with the Home Office on strengthening powers to tackle anti-social behaviour.


Trade and Social, Health and Environmental Objectives identified a coherent set of principles for handling social, health and environmental issues in international fora, with a particular focus on the World Trade Organisation but also taking into account other international institutions such as United Nations agencies.

Transport Strategy Review - a strategic review of transport.


Voluntary Sector proposed wide ranging changes in the law and regulation of the charitable and wider not-for-profit sector.


Waste called for greater efforts to reduce the rate of waste growth and for more re-use and recycling to combat the country's growing rubbish mountain.

Workforce Development examined whether the UK's approach to Workforce Development effectively promotes productivity, economic performance and opportunities for individuals to realise their potential.


Supporting work on the Youth Crime Action Plan 2008 [Home Office website] - published by the Home Office on 15 July 2008.