How to secure APP judgements

The information from APP judgements is only valuable if the judgements are secure and in line with national standards. Everyone involved needs the reassurance that APP judgements are consistent within and between schools.

Teachers' judgements should be consistent between colleagues in the years above and below, within school and in transition between schools. The roles and responsibilities chart outlines who should be responsible for the APP activities in school to ensure that teacher assessment judgements are consistent, reliable and matched to national standards.

In-school standardisation and moderation

Standardisation and moderation are central activities of the APP approach to ensure consistency of judgements within school. They have different functions and occur at different stages in the assessment process.

  • Standardisation is designed to ensure that national standards are understood and can be applied consistently. It occurs:
    • before teachers assess their pupils initially
    • from time to time, to review and strengthen teachers' judgements within AFs or ATs as appropriate.
  • Moderation is designed to check that national standards have been applied consistently, and occurs after teachers have made their assessments.

Watch APP pilot school leaders and teachers walk through their experience of standardisation and moderation.

Securing national standards

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  • peter gaynord

    6.09 am, 5th March 2009

    I'm on this page and I swas told yesterday on an APP course that it is easy to find the standards files relating to the APP judgements i AM LOOKING AT (maths levels2-3).
    I was also told that there are links to appropriate activities from overcoming barriers?
    I can't see any such links on this page. But either side of the maths links there is a lot of irrelevent stuff about reading and writing - im looking for maths at the moment.

  • The National Strategies

    12.23 pm, 5th March 2009

    Thank you for your comment.

    You can find the APP mathematics standards files on the following page:

    There are also links in the 'In this section' and 'Related links' blocks on that page.

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