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The livestock section covers the key issues surrounding the health and welfare, identification and movement of farm animals.

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Electronic Identification (EID) for Sheep

EID and individual recording is an EU requirement which will be mandatory for sheep born on or after 31 December.

Market Road Shows start Friday 13th March and run until 11th May 2009, come and talk to Defra staff about Electronic Identification in Sheep.

New Electronic Identification Leaflet for Sheep (PDF, 240KB) has been published.


A new sector Pig Meat Supply Task Force has now been set up by the Government, aimed at securing the future of the pig meat industry. 

Fallen stock

Fallen stock can no longer be buried or burnt in the open. Instead, animals must be taken to, or collected by an approved knacker, hunt kennel, incinerator or renderer, either by private arrangement, or under the National Fallen Stock Scheme.

27 March 2009 - Consultation: Changes to the Animals Act 1971 to clarify the application of strict liability to the keepers of animals. A news release has been issued.

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CAP reform - Single Payment Scheme

Under the reforms to the Common Agricultural Policy the Single Payment System replaces eleven CAP payment schemes with one new single payment. The payment schemes covering the livestock sector that have been replaced include: Beef Special Premium Scheme, Extensification Payment Scheme, Livestock Quotas, Sheep Annual Premium Scheme, Slaughter Premium Scheme, Suckler Cow Premium Scheme.

Rural Payments Agency

The RPA, an Executive Agency of Defra, is the single paying agency responsible for CAP schemes in England and certain schemes throughout the UK. For information relating to payment including forms (and guidance for the forms) for the Single Payment Scheme, please refer to the RPA's website.

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