Science communication

Improved communications has a key role to play in our programme of work to build public confidence in Defra Science. We want to be more open about the science we do - not just in providing access to information, but also ensuring that the language we use is clear and easy for everyone to understand.

We also believe that communication is a two-way process that involves listening to our stakeholders.

You can contact the project team via email or call us at 020 7238 2019.

Our science communication programme is constantly developing to increase the opportunities with all stakeholders including the public to engage with Defra Science. The activities that we are currently involved with include:

  • Elements 4 coverProducing news and feature articles for our science magazine called Elements.
  • Writing and producing Defra Science Notes, which provide non-technical briefings on key Defra science topics such as Climate Change and Nanotechnologies.
  • Supporting Defra Scientists to communicate their work more effectively through our science stringers network.
  • Running public dialogue activities to assist the development of science strategy in Defra.

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Page published: 9 October 2007

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