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Important records

Important records

Published research

Many of The National Archives staff are actively engaged in research. Below is a list of some of the research by our staff.

Published Research 2008

Academic books published

Annal, D., and Christian, P., Census: The Expert Guide, (The National Archives 2008)

Banton, M., Administering the Empire 1801-1968: A guide to the Records of the Colonial Office in The National Archives of the United Kingdom ', (The National Archives/Institute of Historical Research 2008)

Craven, L., 'What are archives?', (Ashgate 2008)

Spencer, W., First World War Army Service Records, (The National Archives 2008)

Spencer, W., Air Force Records, (The National Archives 2008)

Spencer, W., Army Records, (The National Archives 2008)

Twigge, S., Hampshire, E., Macklin, G., British Intelligence: Secrets, spies and sources, (The National Archives 2008)

Articles in peer reviewed journals

Grannum, G., Your Archives'., Vol 3(2) pp38-42, ALISS Quarterly, Jan 08

Kingsley, N., "Architectural Archives: some opportunities and challenges", Archives, no. 118, 2008, Jul 08

Papers presented

Brown, A., White Paper: Representation information registries, Planets project, 2008

Brown, A. "Creating a seamless flow: managing born-digital records at The National Archives, UK", Association of Canadian Archivists Conference 2008, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Jun 08

Brown, A., Importance not only of enabling data sharing across political boundaries but also across time, and the need to address the technical and administration issues in the way of this, EU INSPIRE, Slovenia, May 08

Brown, A., "Characterisation in Planets", 'What to preserve? Significant properties of digital objects', JISC/BL/DPC Seminar, British Library, London, Apr 08

Brown, A., Digital Continuity Project: Standards and Requirements for Digital Continuity in UK Government, Mar 08

Brown, A., "Characterising and transforming objects", Web seminar for University of North Carolina, Mar 08

Hitchcock, S., Tarrant, D., Brown, A., Towards Smart Storage for Repository Preservation Services, iPres, Sep 08

Johnson, V., "Empire, England and the Paradox of British Identity", Economic History Society's 2008 annual conference at the University of Nottingham, Mar 08

Johnson, V., Hierarchies and Divisions: An Imperial Perspective on British Multinationals', Association of Business Historians conference, University of Birmingham, Jul 08

Johnson, V., British Multinationals, Culture and Empire in the early Twentieth Century' Association of Business Historians conference, University of Birmingham, Jul 08

Johnson, V., Imperial Transfer? British Multinationals and the Paradox of British Identity', Britishness, Identity and Citizenship: The View from Abroad, University of Huddersfield , Jun 08

Johnson, V., Empire Made Me? British Companies and Extra-European Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Imperial Era', Economic History Society Conference, Nottingham, Mar 08

Johnson, V., Defining Britishness: The Construction of National Identity and Expatriate Business Communities in the Age of Empire', Imperial History seminar, Institute of Historical Research, London , Feb 08

Johnson, V., Hierarchies and Divisions: British Multinationals in Imperial Perspective', Business History Unit seminar series, London School of Economics, Jan 08

Kingsley, N., Self-assessment of local authority archives, IDeA Conference on knowledge management, May 08

Sheridan, J., Tennison, J., The London Gazette for the Semantic Web using RDFa, Xtech 08, Dublin, May 08

Sheridan, J., Information Asset Registers, 3rd ePSIplus Information Standards thematic meeting on PSI Asset Lists and Metadata, Madrid, Sep 08

Spencer, A., Sheridan, J., Pullinger, D., Preserving the content and the network: An innovative approach to web archiving, IDCC, Dec 08

Spencer, A., Preserving the content and the network: An innovative approach to web archiving , iPres, Sep 08
Vervoorst, J., 'New Conservation Opportunities' , IIC Congress London 2008, Sep 08

Williams, C., What is the relationship between academic and practice-based research – poles apart or joined at the hip?, 16th International Council on Archives Congress, Jul 08

Published Research 2007

Academic books published

Jobson, A., 'The Great Roll of the Pipe for the Seventh Year of the Reign of King Henry III '(Pipe Roll Society, n.s. 56, 2008)

Kershaw, R., Sacks, J., 'New lives for Old.  The story of Britain's child migrants' (The National Archives, 2008)

Pearsall,M., Family History Companion (The National Archives, 2007)

Smith, K., 'Planning and implementing electronic records management.  A practical guide.' (Facet Publishing, 2007)

Spencer, W., 'Family History in the Wars' (The National Archives, 2007)
Articles in peer reviewed journals

Brody, T., Brown, A., Carr, L., Hey, J.M.N and Hitchcock, 'PRONON-ROAR: Adding Format Profiled to a Repository Registry to Inform Preservation Services,' International Journal of Digital Curation 2 (2), 3-19

Brown, A., 'Developing practical approaches to active preservation,' International Journal of Digital Curation 1 (2), 3-11 (2007)

Williams, C.M., 'The research imperative and the responsible record keeping professional,' Opinion piece. Records Management Journal Vol 17 No 3

Williams, C.M., 'The application of theory in an aspect of UK practice,' Journal of the Japan Society for Archival Science, 2007.3 No 6, pp.2-26

Williams, C.M. Review: Nick Moore ' How to do Research', 3rd ed 2006 Records Management Journal, Vol 17 No 2 pp. 139-40

Williams, C.M Review: Ken Munden (ed) 'Archives and the Public Interest: Selected essays by Ernst Posner, 1967, reprinted 2006 Archives Vol No 117

Published conference papers

Ntanos, K., Bell, N., ed Padfield, T. and Borcheresen, K. 'A holistic appraisal of environmental conditions in The National Archives,' Museum Microclimates, Copenhagen 2007, The National Museum of Denmark

Papers presented

Sheriden, J., Tullo, C., 'Unlocking the Potential of Public Sector Information with Semantic Web Technology', 6th International Semantic Web Conference,' Busan, Korea, November 2007.