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Learn, develop, discover and be inspired with the support of the Leadership library – a free, online resource where busy school leaders can access quick and practical resources to support their knowledge and skills development. The Leadership library is a vast collection of world class leadership and management development resources, in a range of different media, from Harvard and Ashridge Business Schools, 50 Lessons, NCSL and Teachers TV.

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Featured Leadership library resources

Knowing when to take the blame, Professor Tim Brighouse, London Schools

Sometimes true leadership means taking on unpleasant tasks, like taking the blame or admitting you don't know something, as Tim Brighouse shares from his personal experiences.

In Praise of the Incomplete Leader by D. Ancona, T.W. Malone, W.J. Orlikowski, and P.M. Senge

It's time to end the myth of the complete leader, say the authors. The incomplete leader has the confidence and humility to recognize unique talents and perspectives throughout the organization - and to let those qualities shine. The authors' study of leadership over the past six years has led them to develop a framework of distributed leadership that consists of four capabilities: sense making, relating, 'visioning', and inventing.

Inspirational Leadership: Henry V and the muse of fire, timeless insights from Shakespeare's greatest leader by Richard Olivier

Shakespeare's play, Henry V, offers timeless insights into inspirational leadership, which can be learned by leaders and managers today. 'Mythodrama' combines theatre techniques and creative exercises with mythology, psychological insight, and organisational development to provide a safe environment in which participants can explore issues faced by the modern manager and work through their own leadership dilemmas.