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Cycling City, Cycling Towns

England's first Cycling City and eleven new Cycling Towns are set to receive the largest investment in cycling the country has ever seen.

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Cycling England's flagship award scheme, teaching children to cycle safely and responsibly.

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Scheme of the Month - Newquay Junior School


When the Bikeability pilot was launched in September 2006, Newquay Junior School asked cycle trainer Wendy Creed to work with Y3 teacher Viv Davy to deliver the programme. Viv organised a minimum of 2 groups for training each half term


Personality of the Month - Viv Davy, Newquay Junior School

Viv Davy

What is your job or other main activity that involves cycling?
I am a Yr 3 teacher at Newquay Junior School (part-time / job-share) and I run the Bikeability courses for all the year groups (Year 3 to year 6).


New economic analysis signals a more effective approach to cycling

New research published makes the case for a fundamental rethink in the way local authorities plan cycling.

An executive summary of the research can be downloaded here


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