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Cycling England has teamed up with Transport Direct to provide a national urban Cycle Journey Planner through the Transport Direct portal. Work has already started on eleven pilot areas, which are being trialed during Spring 2009. Merseyside and Greater Manchester are already live, with the other nine to follow soon. Building on the lessons learnt from the pilot areas, the Cycle Journey Planner will be extended to include other urban areas from early Summer 2009, with priority likely to be focussed on the Cycling Towns and City.

Cycling England is excited by this project, which promises to promote and encourage cycling by offering cycle-friendly route suggestions to those new to this mode, and thus uncertain what to look for, or unfamiliar with an area.

The project is a partnership between Cycling England, Transport Direct, local authorities and cycling communities – all working together on the development, maintenance and support of the Cycle Journey Planner. Local authorities, with support from their cycling communities, will play a key role in providing valuable local knowledge, keeping the data up-to-date, and using the information to help inform and shape a programme of improvements for cyclists in the area.

Click on this link to see the first version of the Cycle Journey Planner. We would welcome feedback on the pilot Cycle Journey Planner areas. Use the ‘Contact us’ button at the bottom of this Transport Direct trial page.

More details about the Cycle Journey Planner can be found in Frequently Asked Questions (pdf), including information for local authorities considering commissioning the collection of data for the Cycle Journey Planner, or using existing data. Please contact for any additional information required about this exciting project.

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