Helping to create a lower-carbon economy

Yorkshire & Humber has a long history of heavy industry and energy production. That has meant that we’ve also contributed heavily to the production of greenhouse gases, and therefore to global warming.

Yorkshire Forward is ambitious about creating a low-carbon economy in our region. Ours is the only UK region with an agreed target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions—by 25% by 2016.

We’re helping businesses across the region to focus on reducing their greenhouse-gas emissions. We’re encouraging energy efficiency, new sources of energy, waste reduction (such as pollution and packaging), recycling and re-use, and more.

Promoting a lower-carbon economy

Yorkshire & Humber produces 90m tons of CO2 every year through industrial processes and power generation. Yorkshire Forward has ambitious targets for reducing this amount, and for managing waste output.

On this website, we’ve compiled some helpful advice for businesses on how they can promote lower-carbon working practices whilst also benefiting from business efficiencies which will boost profits.

Combating climate change
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‘Green’ best practice
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