Tendering to supply to Yorkshire Forward

It is vital that Yorkshire Forward ensures public money is used in a manner that is effective, efficient and achieves value for money.  Procurement is an important tool used to facilitate this and purchases of goods and services in excess of £50,000 may be subject to a process of competitive tendering. This is a Government requirement set out in the Agency's Financial Memorandum.

Higher value contracts are subject to the EU Procurement Directives.  The Directives govern how Yorkshire Forward must advertise and award higher value contracts.  This entails advertising our intention to go out to tender in the 'Official Journal of the European Union' (OJEU) for projects where the total contract value is over £139,893.

However, there are some services which are exempt and do not need to be advertised in OJEU.

Further information about the EU Procurement Directives please visit the SIMAP: The European Electronic Procurement Service website

Our current tenders are listed below. Tender details will normally include contract conditions, the pre-qualification selection criteria, submission dates and contract award criteria.
Yorkshire Forward also operates a number of panels (often referred to as framework arrangements) to facilitate the procurement of works and services. We usually appoint a panel of suitable contractors or consultants for a maximum of three years or for a specified period. Opportunities for suppliers to be appointed to these panels will also be advertised on these pages.

Active Tenders

Sorry there are currently no active tenders.
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