Our sporting passion

Yorkshire & Humber knows how to compete, and how to win

Our region has invested heavily to become one of Europe’s sporting capitals, regularly securing major fixtures against stiff international competition.

This is a region with a long pedigree of sporting passion, of producing sporting heroes, and of investing in sport. This is a region working hard to drive forward the understanding of every aspect of sport: biological, psychological, medical, economic, technical, and scientific.

This is the only region in the world that is home to a cluster of world-class sports science, sports technology, sports medicine, and sports economics research groups, all working closely with top sportspeople and leading product and service companies.

Yorkshire & Humber is in a unique position to offer an unparalleled range of expertise to sports organisations and elite athletes. This is a region dedicated to creating future champions.

State-of-the-art facilities

The region boasts fantastic facilities, particularly in Leeds and Sheffield (with flagship venues such as the English Institute of Sport and Ponds Forge), with a significant programme of investment currently underway to further strengthen Doncaster, Bradford and York.

Traditional strengths

The region’s sporting strengths have included indoor track and field, cricket, football, rugby, show-jumping and horse-racing—but is also able to meet and exceed the exacting requirements of a huge range of international sporting teams.

Supporting London 2012

Yorkshire & Humber is poised to play a major supporting role for the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympics in London, hosting preliminary matches and tournaments and already delivering fantastic training camps for a large number of Olympic disciplines. 63 superb training and event facilities can already cater to 27 of the 38 Olympic sports and 16 of the 20 Paralympic disciplines—and are all equipped and appointed to the highest standard, including excellent disabled access.

Sports development and innovation

Sheffield has a unique cluster of four world-class, sport-related university research and consultancy centres in sports engineering, science, economics and medicine, lending pioneering expertise to a wide range of sports:

  • The consortium SportsPulse, operating out of Sheffield Hallam University and responsible for developing sport in the region, has contributed to numerous Olympic winter and summer gold medal-winning performances. It has also been part of the success of the majority of motor-racing world champions over the last decade, and victories in the last 3 America’s Cup challenges. Its research has also solved some of the most puzzling scientific conundrums in sport, including football, tennis, cricket and swimming
  • Established in 1998, the region’s Sports Engineering Research Group (SERG), operating out of the University of Sheffield, has already become one of the world’s leading authorities in the field. Its research projects range from fundamental questions about ball aerodynamics to collaborations with the sports industry and elite sports seeking improved product performance. It is a technical consultant to the Olympic Innovation Programme of UK Sport (Performance Directorate), and hosts many important sports-support initiatives
  • The Sports Industry Research Centre (SIRC), a joint venture by two of the region’s universities, offers applied research and consultancy services specialising in the economic impact of sporting events. This includes analysis and forecasts of all sports markets for the next 5 years. Their research teams have strong links with, and share joint projects with, other research centres in Europe, North America and Australia
  • The Centre for Sports and Exercise Science at Sheffield Hallam University offers its extensive expertise to divers, boxers, rugby players, leading amateur and professional golfers and the GB sailing team, and the city’s sports experts delivered technology and support services to 23 of Britain’s medallists at the 2004 Athens Olympics and Paralympics.

The people of Yorkshire & Humber have always loved their sport. From the glamour of international rugby, football and cricket teams to the thunder of horses’ hooves; from the exhilarating thrills and spills of sport on ice to the gentler pace of crown green bowling, the people of this region compete to win.


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