Action station

A former Victorian train station in Richmond, North Yorkshire has been given a new lease of life thanks to funding from Yorkshire Forward, among other funders, providing ideal business premises for a new independent  brewery. 

Renaissance Market Towns

Richmond is a designated Renaissance Market Town, which means that Yorkshire Forward supports the expansion and development of business there by encouraging public and private investment, and by connecting people to economic opportunity.

A complete transformation

A community-backed project has transformed the old station and it now contains two cinemas, a bar, a restaurant and exhibition gallery. Part of the conservation project was the creation of a set of workshops for local food & drink producers. This groundbreaking community-backed project was funded by public and charity donations, along with Yorkshire Forward, European funding and a National Lottery grant.

Brewing up success and growth

And now two experienced head brewers, Andy Hamilton and Richard Bowerman, have set up their new business, Richmond Brewing Company, at The Station. Between them, the two brewing partners have already racked up 44 years’ experience with Tennent’s, Ruddles, Webster’s, John Smith’s, Courage, Theakston and Newcastle Brown. The new business is now making and selling first-class ales in bottles and casks to businesses in the station complex, as well as other businesses in Richmond and the wider Yorkshire area. Production from the new 6-barrel brew-length plant began in June 2008.

The new brewing company is looking to partner with other new occupants of The Station, including a beer made with honey from Smedley’s Farmhouse Preserves. The ales will be served in the restaurant, Seasons; sold to other local businesses; and used by The Station’s bakery, The Angels Share, and by the cheese shop, Lacey’s Cheese.


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