Complaints about organisation

We received 11,700 complaints about alleged failures to organise adequately to support children. This represents about half (52%) of all complaints received. Typical examples included:

  • insufficient staffing or space for the number of children present, resulting in children being poorly supervised
  • staff were not fully trained and did not provide adequate care or supervision, resulting in a child having an accident
  • a childminder was looking after more children than her registration allowed
  • a childminder assistant was left in sole charge of children without written permission from parents
  • a provider did not acknowledge a complaint made by a parent
  • a manager of a registered setting was living with a person considered to be a risk to children
  • a provider had not informed us of a change in manager already working within the setting
  • a child being cared for by a childminder was left to play outside unsupervised
  • the setting did not have an experienced qualified manager in place
  • inadequate records were kept, including emergency contacts and permission to seek emergency medical treatment or advice
  • we were not informed of significant changes to committee members
  • a provider did not keep up-to-date attendance registers for staff or children
  • persons aged 16 years and over living on childminder premises had not been vetted
  • the manager and staff of a day-care setting did not follow appropriate child protection procedures.

For our responses to complaints please see Complaints, investigation and enforcement