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Assessment for learning: the impact of National Strategy support

This survey evaluated the impact of the National Strategies’ approaches to assessment for learning in English and mathematics lessons across a sample of primary and secondary schools.

  • 24 Oct 2008
  • Ref 070244
  • Ofsted

English 2000-05: a review of inspection evidence

This report evaluates changes in provision for English across primary and secondary schools over the period 2000-05. It draws attention to improvements in standards and teaching. However, the report also identifies groups of pupils who tend to achieve less well in English.

  • 05 Oct 2005
  • Ref 2351
  • Ofsted

ICT in schools - effect of government initiatives: implementation in primary schools and effect on literacy

This is part of a suite of reports which complements ICT in schools: second interim report, which was published in March 2002. The publications are for teachers, heads of departments and senior managers in primary, middle, secondary and special schools. Each report covers the effect of the government's ICT initiatives on teaching and learning, and on pupils' achievement in each subject or phase of education.

  • 01 Jun 2002
  • Ref 712
  • Ofsted

Informing practice in English

This literature review was commissioned by Ofsted to provide an overview of recent national and international research in the field of literacy (including languages other than English) and English teaching.

  • 05 Oct 2005
  • Ref 2565
  • Ofsted

National Literacy Project: HMI evaluation

Unfortunately this publication is out of print and unavailable from Ofsted. You may be able to obtain a copy from your local library. The British Library may also be able to help you. However, please note that its services are priced.

Ofsted's first report on the National Literacy Project.

  • 01 Dec 1998
  • Ref 157
  • Ofsted

National Literacy Strategy in special schools 1998-2000

This report is based on the inspection by Her Majesty’s Inspectors of the National Literacy Strategy in special schools since September 1998. During the summer term of 1999 a range of special schools was inspected in 18 local education authorities chosen to coincide with a sample selected by Ofsted’s Primary and Nursery Division as part of a national survey.

  • 01 Dec 2000
  • Ref 238
  • Ofsted

National Literacy Strategy: An Evaluation of the First Year

This report has been scanned and is now available as a suite of pdfs. The files are very large. Right-click your mouse and save them to your computer. Do not open online.

  • 01 Dec 2000
  • Ref 216
  • Ofsted

National Literacy Strategy: an interim evaluation

This report has been scanned and is now available as a suite of pdfs. The files are very large. Right-click your mouse and save them to your computer. Do not open online.

  • 01 Mar 1999
  • Ref 179
  • Ofsted

National Literacy Strategy: second year

The implementation of the National Literacy Strategy began in English primary schools at the start of the autumn term in 1998. The purpose of the strategy is to bring about 'a dramatic improvement in literacy standards', so that, by 2002, 80% of 11 year olds should reach the standard expected for their age in English (Level 4) at the end of Key Stage 2 national curriculum tests.

  • 01 Dec 2000
  • Ref 240
  • Ofsted

National Literacy Strategy: the first four years 1998-2002

This report provides an overview of the first four years and is the fifth report on the National Literacy Strategy (NLS) published by Ofsted. It summarises the standards attained by pupils, analyses the changes in teaching methods brought about by the strategy and suggests areas where further work is needed.

  • 26 Nov 2002
  • Ref 555
  • Ofsted