Children in registered childcare are getting on well

Getting on well: enjoying, achieving and contributing focuses on two of the five Every Child Matters outcomes which the Children Act 2004 identified as vital for every child. The report shows how childcarers are helping children in their care to 'enjoy and achieve' and 'make a positive contribution.'

The report found that 99% of the 27,200 childcare providers inspected between April 2006 and March 2007 are satisfactory or better at supporting children to achieve well, enjoy their learning and make a positive contribution.

It revealed that 96% of the providers inspected in 2006/07 were at least satisfactory overall and 57% were good or outstanding. This is great news for parents, carers and a credit to those working in registered childcare.

The report stated that there has been some improvement across the day-care sector as a whole this year. There has been a 6% rise in providers offering good and outstanding early education and a 2% rise in those providing good and outstanding day-care. However the proportion of childminders judged to be good or better is 6% lower than last year. While we cannot be certain of all the factors contributing to this lower proportion, we do know that in 2006-07 Ofsted inspected a relatively large proportion of childminders who were newly registered and so had less experience.

Where childcarers were found to be outstanding at helping children to enjoy and achieve inspectors found that adults understood how children learn and develop and children were confident and engaged enthusiastically in challenging activities that promoted their learning.

They also reported that when childcarers were outstanding at helping children to make a positive contribution, adults attended closely to children's individual needs, had close caring relationships with the children and effective partnership with parents.