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A single inspectorate for children and learners: Ofsted's response to the DfES consultation paper

This document is a response to the DfES consultation on the proposal to create an enlarged Ofsted as a single inspectorate for children and learners.

  • 01 Nov 2005
  • Ofsted

A study of children and young people who present challenging behaviour - literature review

This literature review was commissioned – by Ofsted as part of a large-scale survey to inform the report Managing challenging behaviour. Ofsted commissioned the University of Birmingham to carry out this research to inform subsequent fieldwork. The purpose of this research is to review published material to determine the range of characteristics and definitions of challenging behaviour used by academic researchers and practitioners

  • 03 Mar 2005
  • Ofsted

Annual performance assessment (APA) 2007: report on outcomes

This report is based on the published outcomes of the annual performance assessments (APA) of 137 councils carried out in 2007. It provides an overview of key themes that have emerged as councils and their partners work to deliver services that improve outcomes for children and young people. The report highlights strengths and weaknesses, making particular reference to each of the five Every Child Matters outcome areas, and to councils' capacity to improve further.

  • 09 Jun 2008
  • Ref 070227
  • Ofsted

Annual performance assessment (APA): local authority children's services 2005 - report on outcomes

This report summarises the outcomes from the 2005 Annual Performance Assessments of local authorities' services for children and young people. It shows how effectively these services have contributed to improving the well-being of children and young people by ensuring they are healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve at school, make a positive contribution to society and are able to achieve economic well-being.

The assessments were carried out jointly by Ofsted and CSCI, and this report reflects 147 of the 150 that were undertaken across all local authority children's services. The report will be of particular interest to the Department for Education and Skills, Department of Health, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Local Government Association, Association of Directors of Social Services, Association of Professionals in Education and Children's Trusts, Confederation of Children's Services Managers, and officers and councillors who are responsible for local authorities' children and young people's plans and programmes.

  • 26 Mar 2006
  • Ref 2520
  • Ofsted

Annual performance assessment (APA): performance indicators and outcomes 2006-2007

This report shows 2006-2007 data for 105 APA performance indicators.

  • 09 Jun 2008
  • Ref 8008
  • Ofsted

Annual performance assessment 2006: councils' view of the process

This report focuses on local authorities' views of the 2006 annual performance assessment process. It identifies those aspects that worked well this year and that contributed to councils' evaluations of their own performance. It also identifies points for Ofsted to consider in devising the detailed process for 2007.

  • 19 Jul 2008
  • Ref 2688
  • Ofsted

Annual performance assessment 2007: the councils' responses

Ofsted invited all councils in England to complete a questionnaire about the annual performance assessment process 2007. Responses were received from 60 of the 150 councils.

  • 11 Apr 2008
  • Ref 080040
  • Ofsted

Annual performance assessment 2008: performance indicators and outcomes

This report shows data for 105 APA performance indicators. Attainment data is for the academic year 2007/08 and social care data is for the financial year 2007–08.

  • 30 Apr 2009
  • Ref 090018
  • Ofsted

Annual performance assessment 2008: report on outcomes

This report summarises the outcomes from the 2008 annual performance assessment (APA) of local authorities’ services for children and young people.

  • 30 Apr 2009
  • Ref 080138
  • Ofsted

Annual performance assessment: councils' views on the APA of children's services in 2005

This report evaluates the feedback from 65 out of a possible 142 councils in England on the annual performance assessment (APA) of children's services in 2005. The views of all types of councils were represented in the survey results, and there was a suitable geographic spread. The questionnaire focused on a range of issues including the impact and cost of, and potential improvements to, the APA, along with more general evaluative questions. The majority of respondents considered all aspects of the process as good or excellent, with only a small minority considering it inadequate in any of the given survey criteria.

  • 23 Jan 2006
  • Ref 2622
  • Ofsted

Safeguarding children report

The third joint chief inspectors’ review of arrangements to safeguard children and young people

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