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Building on the best: overview of local authority youth services 2005/06

Local authority youth services are inspected as part of the three-year programme of joint area reviews that began in September 2005. This report provides an overview of their performance in 2005/06. It is set against the backdrop of considerable organisational change in local authorities, and the Government's vision for youth work as set out in Youth matters: next steps. The report draws attention to the factors most likely to secure high quality youth work provision within new and emerging arrangements.

  • 14 Feb 2007
  • Ref 2706
  • Ofsted

Drug education in schools (2005)

This report evaluates the quality of drug education programmes observed in schools during the survey. Based upon research findings, it outlines young peoples' use of drugs including alcohol and tobacco. The report identifies the key aspects of provision, such as teaching, that have improved since the last Ofsted report in 1997. It also reviews the current research evidence on the impact of the difference approaches to drug education used by schools.

  • 21 Jul 2005
  • Ref 2392
  • Ofsted

Drug education in schools: an update (2000)

In November 1999, the DfEE asked Ofsted to carry out a postal survey of school drug education programmes in a sample of LEAs. This was designed to update a survey carried out in 1998. A sample of 30 LEAs was identified to give geographical coverage, a range of socioeconomic conditions and a mix of types of school. This report is based on the survey and the evidence from inspections and special visits.

  • 01 Sep 2000
  • Ofsted

Early years: Getting on well

Getting on well is the second national report on how early years and childcare providers are supporting Every Child Matters outcomes for children. It focuses on how the best providers are promoting children's enjoyment and achievement, and helping them to make a positive contribution.

Getting on well uses evidence from Ofsted's inspections and surveys during the year April 2006 to March 2007 to show to what extent children in registered settings are enjoying their learning, feel valued and have good relationships with other children and adults. It includes examples of improvements made in response to issues raised at inspection.

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Getting on well microsite

  • 29 Aug 2007
  • Ref 070059
  • Ofsted

Healthy eating in schools

This report is Ofsted's response to increasing public concern about the quality of children's diets and rapidly increasing rates of child obesity. It assesses how schools have responded to guidance on school meals and healthier eating. Its findings are based on a small-scale survey of primary and secondary schools made in preparation for a major survey of food in schools to be carried out in 2006/07.

  • 14 Mar 2006
  • Ref 2625
  • Ofsted

Healthy minds: promoting emotional health and well-being in schools

This report examines the vital role played by schools in promoting the emotional well-being of their pupils. It analyses practice based on evidence gathered from visits to 72 schools and reports on the impact of the guidance provided to schools.

  • 21 Jul 2005
  • Ref 2457
  • Ofsted

Healthy schools, healthy children? The contribution of education to pupils' health and well-being

This report looks at the contribution of education to pupils' health and well-being. It is based on visits to 18 schools selected because of their good practice in the context of health education. It is the first major Ofsted survey on the broader aspects of health and well-being since the introduction of the Every Child Matters agenda. The findings are intended to disseminate best practice and to help institutions improve this aspect of their work.

  • 27 Jul 2006
  • Ref 2563
  • Ofsted

Starting early: food and nutrition education of young children

Research into the health and well-being of schoolchildren has shown that there are significant concerns about their current and future health, in particular the increase in obesity and related conditions. In the autumn term 2003 and the spring term 2004, Ofsted and the Food Standards Agency visited schools and nurseries, focusing on:

  • work with food that the children undertake
  • the promotion of good health and nutrition
  • factors that support or impede food and nutrition education
  • 13 Jul 2004
  • Ref 2292
  • Ofsted

The education of asylum-seeker pupils

For this report, Ofsted surveyed 37 schools in 11 local education authorities (LEAs) to evaluate the impact of the arrival of pupils from asylum-seeker families. The LEAs covered London, metropolitan authorities in the East Midlands and the North West, and three shire counties. The schools comprised one nursery, four first- and two middle-deemed secondary, 23 primary and seven secondary schools.

  • 22 Oct 2003
  • Ref 453
  • Ofsted