Public sector clients

Public sector clients include local authorities, publicly-funded agencies, healthcare trusts, schools and teachers.

Brian Lymbery OBE, former chair of Lewisham Primary Care Trust at the Kaleidoscope project in London
Photo by Michele Turriani

They deliver on a wide range of initiatives, from building schools, health facilities and homes, to improving green spaces - and are vital for the creation of successful places and communities.

How we help public sector clients

We provide best practice guidance, publications and toolkits to support public sector clients. We help to review proposals, give expert feedback and recommend places to visit and people to talk to.

Sustainable Cities

Get help to create better places. Cut through the complexities of climate change with clear priorities for action and see which places are getting it right.

Creating excellent buildings

Read our guide to commissioning a building project, covering the four main stages of preparation, design, construction and use.

Creating successful masterplans

Discover how to produce better masterplans that lead to the physical, social and economic revival of places.

Creating excellent secondary schools

Transform your schools by following our step-by-step journey through the design and building process, from vision to completion.

How to do design review

Understand how to create and run a successful design review panel, and read our tips for its day-to-day operation.

Design task group

Browse our design task group events, which discuss the big issues affecting housing growth and housing market renewal.

Urban design summer school

Refresh your urban design skills on our annual four-day course for professionals.

CABE Space leaders programme

Find out more about our intensive three-day learning and development programme for green space managers.


Use our free and practical community engagement toolkit to help measure the quality of your public spaces.

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