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We publish a large number of public documents each year.

This section provides access to a variety of FCO publications and details of our library services.

Annual reports

We publish a number of annual reports. These include our Departmental Report and the Resource Accounts, the Human Rights Report and the Report on Strategic Export Controls.

Foreign Affairs Committee responses

Read our official responses to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee

Public consultations

From time to time we invite the public into consultations on a variety of issues ranging from forced marriage to International criminal courts.

Research papers

Our research papers, put together by our research analysts, provide the corporate memory of the FCO and act as the repository of knowledge on the evolution of British government policy towards countries, regions and international institutions.

Engagement: public diplomacy in a globalised world  

A collection of articles commissioned by the FCO to investigate the concept of public dipomacy in a globalised world.

FCO Library Collections

The FCO's historical library collections are dispersed between the British Library, King's College London, The National Archive, and other specialist collections in London.

Geographical Names and Information

The FCO publishes a list of approved British English-language names and descriptive terms for countries and territories of the world and their citizens.

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Iran's Nuclear Programme: A Collection of Documents, Volume 2

2.2786669921875MB PDF document

Departmental report 2008

Read about our achievements over the past year.

departmental report 2008

Travel publications

Browse through our Know before you go leaflets.