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How we can help if things go wrong

What if something goes badly wrong while you’re abroad? What if you’re the victim of a crime, or fall ill?

What if someone close to you dies abroad, or suffers other serious misfortune? In this section we explain how we can help.

Our Consular Assistance team in London can be reached on:

020 7008 1500 (+44 20 7008 1500 from abroad)
This number operates 24 hours a day

'Exceptional Assistance Measures for Victims of Terrorist Incidents Overseas'

A ministerial statement (Word doc) on 2 June 2008 set out the financial assistance we may be able to offer in exceptional circumstances to British nationals affected by terrorist incidents overseas.

Five reasons why you should take our phone number

Find out why it's always important to make a note of the nearest embassy's phone number when you go abroad

Sick or injured abroad

Information on how the British embassy can help if you are admitted to hospital whist abroad

Arrest or detention

This page explains what assistance we can offer British nationals arrested or imprisoned abroad including a contact number and a list of support organisations.

Victims of crime abroad

This page provides general advice on what to do if you are a victim of crime whilst abroad, including information on replacing lost or stolen passports

Rape and sexual assault abroad

Advice on what you should do if you are sexually assaulted whilst abroad, including how the local embassy can help.

Coping with death abroad

This section explains what we can do to help you in the unfortunate event of a friend or relative dying whilst overseas including contact numbers, and do’s and don’ts.

Information for victims of forced marriage

Information and practical advice for anyone affected by forced marriage, including contact details of our specialist Forced Marriage Unit.

Missing persons

Advice on what to do, and what we can do to help, when you suspect someone has gone missing abroad

Parental child abduction

Parental child abduction

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