News Distribution Service

Hercules House
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COIís News Distribution Service is the public sector leader in the electronic delivery of news releases and information direct from Whitehall departments, and more than 100 agencies and non-departmental public bodies, to the national, regional and specialist media.

NDS has the experience and the facilities to provide a cost effective 24-hour 365 days of the year service for all distribution needs. Services start with news distribution - with the wider option of Newswire - and includes targeting - of journalists and other key media and non-media organisations - and evaluation services.

News Distribution & Targeting NDS has a comprehensive national and regional distribution system to deliver media rich news announcements with digital pictures, audio and even video clips, enabling departments and agencies to simultaneously transmit their news to targeted contacts in the fastest and cost effective way available.

The newswire distribution comprises satellite, landline and online Internet delivery directly into information systems of more than 450 news desks with the potential to reach 90,000 UK journalists.

NDS staff can offer distribution advice and will format releases and other material to be recognised and accepted by other IT systems. A highly-developed final checking process will spot typos, track changes, hidden text and other inaccuracies. NDS Newswire circuits reach practically every segment of media within the UK, delivering public sector news to a national and regional audience. We are able to produce distributions lists to provide individual targeting of key and specialised media using Mediadisk.

Other methods of distribution are:

  • A one stop shop for government news that provides flexible platform to deliver government news in various formats.
  • Email - to targeted Media & specialist organisations.
  • Fax - Fast Delivery to hundreds of destinations.
  • Post - For printed material including news releases and reports.
  • Photo Distribution - NDS offers a comprehensive electronic photo distribution to the media via the picture wire as well providing an archive facility on this site.

Submitting a Press Release Online The NDS Virtual Press Office (VPO) provides quick and secure access to news distribution targeting and evaluation services for public sector communicators.

Members will use NDS VPO to upload news releases, electronic photos and other multimedia for distribution to the media and other audiences. NDS VPO users will also be able to upload broadcast email and fax distribution lists to store for future use and access usage reports from a variety of member only services. NDS can also provide detail Intelligence and monitoring about your organisation on the Internet.

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