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Design and technology at key stages 1 and 2    (Year 3)

Unit 3A: Packaging

About this unit

Through this unit children learn about strengthening sheet material to make a strong shell structure, which can be used for a variety of packaging. They gain knowledge about nets and about how complex 3D shapes can be made by using a net. They develop their designing skills through the knowledge gained from investigating, disassembling and evaluating a range of familiar commercial packaging. They develop their making skills through focused tasks in which they use a range of measuring, marking-out, cutting and assembling techniques. They also learn simple graphical communication techniques.

The unit could be adapted to use alternative contexts eg containers or gift boxes. This unit could be linked to Unit 3B 'Sandwich snacks' (to develop a package for their product).

Unit 3D 'Photograph frames' is an appropriate alternative to this unit.

See how one school adapted this unit.

Sections in this unit

This unit is divided into sections. Each section contains a sequence of activities with related objectives and outcomes. You can view this unit by moving through the sections or print/download the whole unit.
1. Investigative, disassembly and evaluative activities (IDEAs)
2. Focused practical tasks (FPTs)
3. Design and make assignment (DMA) Design and make packaging for a specific purpose