New green farming guide launched

New green farming guide launched

cowsA new one-stop shop practical guide to help farmers, growers and land managers protect the environment effectively was launched today.

The Code of Good Agricultural Practice consolidates three previous codes last published in 1998. It offers free best practice advice for farmers to protect and enhance water, soil, and air quality in agricultural environments. Advice covers subjects including managing fertilisers and applying nutrients to avoid soil contamination, storing silage and handling effluents, and waste storage, recovery, and disposal. Bringing together Defra’s guidance into one code means that the advice is more accessible to farmers and the public.

Minister for farming anfd the environment, Jane Kennedy said:

“English farmers do a fantastic job of producing high quality food and looking after England’s historic landscape. This new code will make it simpler and easier for them to interpret legislation and will help them take effective steps to avoid pollution.”

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Page published: 06 January 2009

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