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FCO in Action

From tackling international terrorism to promoting a low carbon economy, we're working around the world through our global network of embassies and diplomatic posts to support the UK's interests in a challenging world.

FCO in action map

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We've pinned up case study examples of our work from around the world onto our interactive Google map.

‘Better World, Better Britain’ - the FCO’s strategy


The FCO's strategy sets out the goals and services that shape our work around the world.

FCO global network

Berlin embassy

Our network of 260 embassies and diplomatic posts in 145 countries is a platform for UK Government and the UK's 14 Overseas Territories.

Counter terrorism & weapons proliferation

Soldier patrolling with landmine detector. © MUSTAFA OZER/AFP/Getty Images

Our aim is to reduce the risk from international terrorism, so that people can go about their daily lives freely and with confidence.

Shifting to low carbon

Climate change is not just an environmental challenge - it is a threat to the global economy and global security. That's why we're working to shift the global economy to low carbon.

Prevent & resolve conflict

South Korean UN peacekeeping soldier in Lebanon.  © MARWAN NAAMANI/AFP/Getty Images

Our staff are working around the world to stabilise conflict and to tackle the causes of conflict by promoting and developing human rights, democracy, law and good governance.

Promote a low carbon, high growth, global economy

Wind turbines at sunset. © Mark Segal/Getty Images

Our goal is to promote a global shift to secure, low carbon energy in a competitive global economy.

Develop effective international institutions

the EU

We're working to promote international systems that can meet the opportunities and challenges of our globalised world.

Support the British economy

Exporting - container ship

We're working through UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) to promote British business around the world and to attract inward investment.

Support British nationals abroad

2 young women looking at rural scene, Australia. © Digital Vision/Getty Images

From lost passports to natural disasters - our staff help thousands of Britons every year all over the world.

Support managed migration for Britain

Crowd of walking people. © Ken Usami/Getty Images

We're working with UK and overseas partners to manage migration to the UK.

UK in Afghanistan

Royal Marines on patrol in Kajaki District, Helmand Province, Afghanistan

The United Kingdom is in Afghanistan at the invitation of the democratically elected Afghan Government to help rebuild and develop a country emerging from a quarter century of conflict. Find out why we are there and what we are doing.

UK in Iraq

Iraqi security forces carrying Iraq national flags in Ramadi during the ceremony marking the handover of Anbar province. © Getty Images

The UK is in Iraq to support the sovereign, democratically-elected Iraqi authorities, and their efforts to deliver security, good governance, reconciliation, services and economic opportunity to the Iraqi people.

London Summit 2009

Find out what the London Summit 2009 is all about on our dedicated website

FCO in Action map

FCO in action map

We’ve pinned up the latest examples of our work around the world.


Departmental report 2008

Read about our achievements over the past year.

departmental report 2008