People are the most important part of any organisation. The Civil Service is committed to building the leadership and skills required to get the most out of our workforce.

Here we will look at what the Civil Service is doing to get the most from their staff.

Professional Skills for Government

The Professional Skills for Government (PSG) competency framework is a structured way of thinking about jobs and careers for Civil Service staff at all grades. It sets out the skills you need to do your job well as a member of the Civil Service, no matter what grade you are or where you work.

In this section...

  • Efficiency and relocation support programme

    The Cabinet Office Efficiency & Relocation Support Programme works with Civil Service departments, agencies and relevant Non Departmental Public Bodies in managing efficiency and relocation, while minimising the need for compulsory redundancy.

  • Employee engagement

    A programme of work is underway in the Civil Service to develop a cross-government approach to employee engagement. This will be a systematic process for understanding and improving employees' experience of work to deliver higher performance.

  • Our people framework

    A people framework, or people strategy, sets out how an organisation will deal with its employees.

    While some people frameworks have a narrow focus - looking at HR issues like recruitment, pay and performance management - other frameworks are more comprehensive, looking at the challenges an organisation faces and how these can be met. This is the kind of people framework we intend to produce for the Civil Service.