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Cabinet Office Simplification Plan

In 2006 all major government departments and agencies produced simplification plans as part of the Government's drive for better regulation [External website]. Simplification includes deregulation, consolidation and rationalisation of regulation, and the reduction of administrative burdens and plans are updated annually.

The Cabinet Office is not a significant regulator. However, it carries out some regulatory and simplification activity in relation to two main areas:

This plan reinforces the department's commitment to better regulation throughout its work, both as a department with regulatory responsibilities and a department with a key leadership role.

The plan explains that the administrative burden imposed by all departments has been measured in a systematic exercise. The Cabinet Office's burden has been measured at £15.4 million a year.

The plan also sets out the crucial role which the Cabinet Office has to play in making government work better. Leadership of the Service Transformation agenda will enable simplification across government through better use of information technology.

Cabinet Office Simplification Plans – Annual updates