Jack Straw discusses liberalisation of legal services in India

Jack Straw in India

16 September 2008

Jack Straw has met Indian Law Minister H R Bhardwaj and representatives of the legal profession in Delhi to discuss the liberalisation of legal services and cooperation between the two countries in the legal sector.

Britain has sought to allay fears about liberalisation, saying it too had such concerns when it opened its legal services some decades ago but the result has seen great benefits for consumers and legal services. Jack Straw said that opening of the legal services market would be in the interest of legal systems in both Britain and India.

Jack Straw said:

'Liberal regimes in legal services are key to attracting the foreign direct investment on which development depends, and the input of lawyers is vital to ensure that trade takes place in a structured, secure and predictable way.

'There are many positive signs of change in India and I am particularly heartened by news of the growing enthusiasm for change among the business community and young lawyers.'

Jack Straw was keen not to be prescriptive about specific actions India should take, but rather highlighted the British experience as a possible way forward.

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