Sentencing and probation quarterly statistics postponed

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28 January 2009

The quarterly sentencing and probation statistics due to be published at the end of January have been postponed.

The Ministry of Justice statistical publications 'Sentencing Statistics Quarterly Brief (April - June 2008)' and 'Probation Statistics Quarterly Brief (July - September 2008)' have been postponed. These were due for publication on Thursday 29 January and Friday 30 January respectively.

This postponement is a result of inconsistencies between two key data sources in relation to the numbers of offenders receiving a particular type of sentence. Statisticians need additional time to resolve these inconsistencies and ensure that both of the above statistical publications are as accurate as possible.

At present it is not possible to specify a new publication date. However, we will make every effort to ensure that the postponement is as short as possible and will make a further announcement once the statistics are ready for release.

The National Statistician has been informed of this postponement and is satisfied that it is necessary on operational grounds.


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