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    • Parole
      Some offenders are released from prison before the end of their sentence. Although the offender is released, they are still serving their sentence with conditions on their liberty.
    • Paternity testing
      The Ministry of Justice is responsible for accrediting bodies that may carry out scientific tests for parentage in accordance with a direction made by a court.
    • PDF
      Help with Portable Document Format files.
    • Personal information about you
      If you want to ask whether we hold any personal details on you...
    • Pierleoni, Marco
      Director General Finance and Commercial
    • Policy reports
      This section contains our major reports and reviews on a wide range of policy issues. It also contains green papers, white papers and government responses to parliamentary committee reports on major policy reviews.
    • Population in custody (monthly)
      Monthly statistical release presenting tables on the population in custody with summary figures on the population in prison establishments, police cells, secure children's homes and secure training centres.
    • Prentice, Bridget
      Parliamentary Under Secretary of State
    • Press office
      Information on our press office for journalists, including contact details for individual press officers.
    • Press releases 2008
    • Prison and probation provider performance ratings
      We are responsible for agreeing and publishing performance ratings of prisons and probation areas/trusts as part of the regulatory framework for NOMS.
    • Prison policy update - briefing paper
      This briefing paper on the government's prison policy provides an update on the prison building programme announced in December 2007.
    • Prison population projections
      The latest National Statistics on prison population projections, released by the Ministry of Justice and produced in accordance with arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority.
    • Prisons
      Prisons serve the public by keeping in custody those committed by the courts. Their duty is to look after them with humanity and help them lead law-abiding and useful lives in custody and after release.
    • Pro bono work provided by legal executives
      Report on research into the extent and value of pro bono work (work done without compensation for the public good) undertaken by legal executives.
    • Probation
      Probation is about supervising convicted offenders in the community - those subject to a court order and those released on licence from prison.
    • Probation statistics brief (quarterly)
      Quarterly statistical release on the use of community sentences, including monitoring the impact of the new community sentences introduced under the Criminal Justice Act 2003.
    • Propriety and honours and propriety and peerages
      The document contains the government's response to each of the recommendations made by the Public Administration Committee.
    • Public Service Agreements 2004 - technical notes update
      The technical notes for the department's Public Service Agreement targets under the 2004 Spending Review have been amended to reflect improvements to the collection of data on care cases.
    • Publications
      Consultations, statistics, legislation, corporate information, policy reports and research.
    • Publication scheme
      Publication scheme explaining what information is routinely made available, where and when that information is available and whether there will be a charge for the information.