Icons used on our website

We use a number of icons on our website to help you understand the content and enable you to scan for specific information efficiently. The following icons appear on many pages on our website.

 Internet links
This icon refers to external links to other websites that are related to the content of a particular page.
Please note all external links open in new windows.

 Internal links
This icon refers to internal links within our website.

 Portable Document Format (PDF)
This icon appears on all PDF document cover pages and refers to the format of the document. PDF stands for Portable Document Format and to view this format you will need PDF reading software such as Adobe Reader.
Find out more about PDF format and Adobe Reader.

 Word links
This icon appears on links to all Word documents.

 Email links
This icon appears next to all email address links.

 Excel links
This icon appears on links to all Excel documents.