Guidance for members of the judiciary, legal practitioners and other interested professionals which covers a wide range of policy areas, including procedure rules, freedom of information and human rights.

Civil procedure rules
civil procedure rules
The civil procedure rules make up a procedural code whose overriding aim is to enable the courts to deal with cases justly.
Criminal procedure rules
Criminal procedure rules
The criminal procedure rules give courts explicit powers to actively manage the preparation of criminal cases waiting to be heard, to get rid of unfair and avoidable delays.
Family procedure (adoption) rules
Family procedure rules
The family procedure rules will, when fully implemented, be a single set of rules for all family proceedings in the high court, county courts and magistrates courts.
Care proceedings reforms
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Guidance on reforms to the child care proceedings system in England and Wales, including statutory guidance for local authorities and the public law outline.
Coroners sign
Guidance for coroners on reports to prevent future deaths and on the supply of information concerning the death of children.
Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007: guidance
Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide
Guidance providing key information for employers and others who need to understand the Act.
Creating a Supreme Court for the United Kingdom
UK Supreme Court
Information including rules and practice directions about the UK Supreme Court.
Guidance and resources for cremations authorities.
Data sharing and protection
data sharing
The Data Protection Act gives people the right to access personal information held about them by businesses and organisations in the public and private sectors.
We advise Whitehall departments on devolution issues. This section contains guidance on managing the settlements.
Guidance for electoral administrators, including the duties of acting returning officers, election expenses, postal voting and electoral registration data standards.
Forms of address
hand holding a pen and writing on paper
How to address ministers, the judiciary, peers and members of parliament verbally and in writing.
Freedom of information
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Guidance and resources to help those who work in central government, or other public authorities, to deal with freedom of information requests.
Human rights
Human rights
The Human Rights Act makes it simpler for UK judges to protect the rights of citizens. This section contains guidance about the Act and how all UK and EU citizens are protected.
Mental capacity
mental capacity
This section contains guidance to individuals and their families, social and healthcare professionals and legal practitioners on mental capacity policy.
Regulatory offences
Guidance for government departments and agencies on creating new regulatory penalties and offences.