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This is the section of the site where you get to show us your work on the subject of road safety. You might have written a poem, or created a picture or photo - as a response to one of our THINK! campaigns. Or you may have expressed your feelings in a creative way after a life experience that made you view road safety differently. 

Whatever it is, we'd very much like to see it.

Please select the SUBMIT YOUR WORK button. You will then be asked to fill in your details and provide a short description of the work that you're submitting.

We'll choose the best of what we receive to share with other website users.

Please note by sending us your work, you are allowing us to publish it in accordance with the rules of the DfT website.  This means that while ownership of the copyright of the work has not changed (and for the purposes of those rules, remains the copyright of a third party - such as yourself). The DfT cannot be responsible for any use of the work by other visitors to this site. 

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