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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Travel insurance

Taking out travel insurance can help you get financial and practical assistance should something go wrong on your trip abroad. Unfortunately, illness, theft or accidents can happen anywhere. This section advises you on what to look for in a travel insurance policy.

The basics

Travel insurance can vary widely on price and levels of cover. If your trip involves particular sports or activities that are considered a risk, check that your insurer offers extra cover or you may need to call a specialist insurer. Get several quotations before you choose your travel insurance and check carefully what each offers.

Policy checklist

You may want to check the following to make sure the insurance you take out matches your needs.

  • emergency medical treatment, hospitalisation and repatriation (being returned to the UK)
  • 24-hour emergency assistance - some insurance companies offer an around-the-clock helpline in case you have a serious problem
  • personal liability - if someone is injured or his or her property is damaged by you or something belonging to you, he or she could make a claim against you
  • you having to cut short or cancel your trip, as you may be liable to pay the full cost or part of the cost if you cancel
  • the replacement cost of your personal possessions, including money and documents - your policy will specify limits

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website offers detailed information on travel insurance.

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