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current item indicator Energy Code Modification Appeals

Introduction to the Competition Commission’s energy code modification appeal jurisdiction

Current cases

Completed Cases

Energy Code Modification Templates

Register of appeals against Ofgem's decisions on certain energy code modifications


Appeals under section 173 Energy Act 2004

Energy Code Modification Appeals

This page provides links to the main statutory provisions of the Energy Act and other essential texts including the Competition Commission’s Rules and Guidance, and a short introduction to this new responsibility of the Competition Commission (CC).

If you wish to request permission to bring an appeal you should contact the CC’s Inquiry Support Unit on telephone number 020 7271 0115 to obtain a reference number for the appeal and contact details for the Appeal Secretary. If ringing out of hours, leave a message which will be dealt with on the next working day.

All parties to appeals should consult the CC’s Rules and Guidance and make use of the appropriate templates—see the links on this page—when preparing their cases.


Energy Act 2004 sections 173 to 177

Schedule 22 to the Energy Act

Explanatory Notes on sections 173 to177 and Schedule 22 of the Energy Act

Competition Commission: The Energy Code Modification Rules (CC10) (the Rules)

Guide to Appeals in Energy Code Modification Cases (CC11) (the Guidance)

Order on code designations and exclusions: SI 2005 No 1646 The Electricity and Gas Appeals (Designation and Exclusion) Order 2005